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How to Get the Most Beautiful Eyelashes | You Should Know

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How to Get the Most Beautiful Eyelashes

Your eyelashes can make or break your entire look. Sounds like a stretch? Try going for either a full glam or a no-makeup look without either applying mascara on your lashes or curling them and notice the difference when you do.

Beautiful lashes are synonymous with long, luxurious, and thick eyelashes. This association is mimicked only with false lashes and about a handful of naturally beautiful lashes. However, just because you’re unsatisfied with your lashes doesn’t mean you have to resort to false lashes to achieve the perfect eyelash look.

Getting beautiful lashes isn’t hard, quite the opposite. It also isn’t as time-consuming as people believe. All it takes is 5 minutes a day to prep and prime your eyelashes and you’ll be flaunting beautiful eyelashes in no time. Even more, you can just search lash tech near me on Google to find a professional near you.

Low Maintenance Ways of Getting Beautiful Eyelashes

1. Using a Spooly

A spooly is a brush with twisted threads attached at the application end. It’s a staple in any brush set and is used to separate your lashes after you apply mascara to keep them from looking clumpy.

Besides this, you can also think of a spooly as a hairbrush for your eyelashes. Similar to hair care where you would have to brush your hair every night, using a spooly to brush your lashes keeps them from growing haphazardly and ensure that they grow in a straight line.

2. Changing Mascaras Often

Most people might not know this, but your mascaras can and do expire. People often boast about how their mascara has lasted them for years, when in fact the average lifespan of one is around six to twelve months.

Your mascara doesn’t have to dry out to indicate that it has expired. Drying out isn’t mutually exclusive of when a product expires. It goes without saying that if you keep using an expired product, your eyelashes will bear the brunt.

Serums to Apply

1. Bimatoprost

Before deciding on a serum to apply on your lashes (there are several to choose from), consult a dermatologist and go by their recommendation. However, in any of the lash serums that they would recommend, bimatoprost will be the active ingredient.

The ingredient helps in stimulating the hair follicle for long enough to keep it in the growing phase. This aids in producing thicker lashes over time. The term used for a cosmetic procedure using bimatoprost is hypotrichosis.

2. Moisturizing Your Lashes

Moisturizing your eyelashes is just as important as your face. It prevents your lashes from prematurely falling out and from developing haphazardly. You could either moisturize using olive oil as a home remedy or use a store-bought moisturizer.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are different from applying false eyelashes in the fact that they do not compromise the natural lash. Instead, the eyelash technician will add more lashes onto the lash line to give a fuller look. Blink Bar specializes in eyelash extensions with optimal results lasting for several months up to a year.


Several remedies and products can be applied to make your eyelashes look plump and voluminous. It is, however, noteworthy to mention that several remedies circulating online are homemade ones which include citrus acid that could potentially harm your eyes.


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