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How to Factory Reset iPhone without Password



How to Factory Reset iPhone without Password


Factory resetting is another name for formatting. By factory resetting your iPhone, you erase all the current data on it including accounts, images, contacts etc. In other words, once you factory reset an iPhone, it would restart and almost seem new. Another user can begin using the iPhone after you factory reset an iPhone since it does not retain any memory of its previous user. Many times, users forget their passcode. The only way out of this situation is to factory reset your iPhone. But how could you possibly factory reset your iPhone without a password? Factory resetting would generally require you to open the settings app, but you cannot do so without a password. Well, we have got you covered, here’s your guide on how to reset iphone without passcode and computer. The good news is that we also have a method if you don’t want t factory reset iPhone without passcode or iTunes.

Part 1: Some Background News

iOS 15 has been the buzz of the town lately. Everyone is talking about the new update released by the technical giant. Apple is known to keep upgrading their software and devices. They ensure that their devices have the latest technology. In recent times, the iPhone 13 was released, the device saw several new upgrades from its older counterparts. Both iOS 15 and the iPhone 13 were released in mid-September 2021 and since then have been the hot topic of the technical world.

Part 2: Ways To factory reset iPhone without password

Way 1: Factory reset iPhone without Passcode using iTunes

Step 1: Firstly you would need a handy Mac or PC device

If you have a PC, ensure that the software on it has updated to a version higher than windows 8 and iTunes is installed on your system. Now connect your iPhone to your system using a lightning cable used for charging.

Step 2: Turn off your iPhone

Now you need to turn off your iPhone, for doing so unplug the iPhone from the computer and turn it off using the regular method.

Step 3: Next you need to put your iPhone in recovery mode

For doing so, follow the steps below:

  • If you use an iPhone X or its newer models, you need to press and hold the side button.
  • In case you use iPhone 7 plus or iPhone 7 you need to press and hold the volume down button.
  • If you use iPhone SE(1st generation) or iPhone 6, you need to press and hold the home button.
  • While you are pressing the respective button based on your iPhone model, you need to connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • Don’t let go of the button until you see the recovery mode icon on your screen.

Step 4: Factory Reset iPhone

  • Now you need to locate your iPhone using finder or iTunes on the computer that you’re using.
  • Now select “Restore” when you see the option on your screen. Your computer now downloads software on your iPhone and starts the restoration process. In case the download takes more than 15 minutes, your device will exit the recovery mode. If this happens, restart your iPhone once again after the download is over. Once you restart your iPhone, it would have been a factory reset. You can use your iPhone once again by setting it up.

Way 2: Factory reset iPhone without Passcode using iCloud

Another way to factory reset an iPhone without a passcode is as follows. However, this requires “find my iPhone” to be enabled on your iPhone.

Step 1 – To begin with, go to any web browser on your PC or Mac and sign in to your iCloud account on

Step 2 – Now you need to click on “Find my iPhone” and further click on “All Devices”

Step 3 – All your apple devices now appear on your screen. Select your Apple device from this list.

Step 4 – Once done, click on the “Erase iPhone” option in order to factory reset your iPhone.

Part 3: Features about Dr Fone-screen unlock

What if the 2 methods listed above don’t work? How would you factory reset your iPhone without a password? Well, you needn’t be worried about it anymore. Dr Fone screen unlock can help you factory your iPhone without a passcode. Resetting your iPhone using this Dr Fone-screen unlock is indeed simple as the tool is highly user friendly and automated. The tool specializes in performing most of the tasks on its own without needing much manual intervention. Wondering how to factory reset iPhone without password using Dr Fone-screen unlock? Follow this simple tutorial and factory reset your iPhone within minutes.

Step 1 – Install the software and launch it on your desktop. From the main display screen select “Screen Unlock”


Step 2 – Now you need to power off your device and connect it to your system using the USB cable. Once done, select “unlock iOS screen” from the menu that appears


Step 3 – Soon after this, Dr Fone will display a set of instructions explaining how you can activate DFU mode on your iPhone. Do as the instructions say.

Step 4 – Next select your iPhone model and click on “Start”. Doing so will start downloading firmware on your iPhone. Once done, click on “unlock now”

Step 5 – Dr Fone will ask you to reconfirm if you wish to actually erase all data on your iPhone. In doing so, all the data on your handset will be deleted.


Closing Words

So you see, dealing with forgotten passwords is indeed one of the most difficult tasks. Especially in the case of iPhones! This is because of the stringent privacy and security policies of Apple. If you forget your passcode, the last resort that may be left is to perform a factory reset. However, performing factory reset iPhones without passcode or iTunes is a big deal. However, Dr Fone makes this seemingly difficult task possible within minutes! The tool is convenient and quick making it one of the best methods to factory reset an iPhone without a passcode.


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