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PMP: More than 4 People Project Team, the Project Manager Should Only do 3 Things




PMP: Hard work, it is not easy to promote to the project manager, perhaps you think you can breathe a sigh of relief, in fact, otherwise, there is a project manager encountered such a problem, “I am the project manager, I want to lead by example, in addition to project management things, there are many things I have to do personally, the project manager responsibility, but also really tired ah.” “In fact, in a different mindset, there may be a different finding that the original project manager can do the same – a team of more than four project members, the project manager should only do three things well.”

Do things with a goal orientation

The information system project manager and PMP certificate will now be used as a bonus item or a required certificate for the project manager in the project bidding process. At the same time, when the company recruits project managers, PMP or information system project manager certificate will be given priority in the recruitment advertisement. The information system project manager can deduct one at the time of obtaining the certificate at a cost of 3,600.

If you are energetic, it is recommended to take the soft exam and then take the PMP. The knowledge system is an advanced relationship (upgraded from the fifth edition to the sixth edition). I first took the soft exam and then took the PMP. Students who are interested in discussing with me can chat with me privately.

What the general public now accepts more comprehensively is the PMP certificate (, as well as the advanced items and integration in the soft exam.

They didn’t say which one is better than which one before. Instead, look at what is suitable and unsuitable.

To put it simply, students who want to work in a state-owned enterprise or public institution and have a certain policy bias can choose high-level items. If you want to enter a private company, you can take the PMP certificate first.

First, you have to understand what to do and then how to do it. Goals are an important feature of project management, and the project manager’s principles of doing things revolve around the project objectives, which are important for things that are conducive to achieving the project objectives without violating the project manager’s ethics and code of conduct. Goals have short-term goals and long-term goals, and achieving the current project on target may be short-term goals, and bringing out an effective team over a year can be a long-term goal. For non-temporary project managers, the long-term objectives of the project should be more focused than on the short-term benefits of the current project.

Break down the goals you define

The achievement of an overall goal is by no means achievable by simply improving an impact element, and there is still a counterproductive effect between the various elements that must be considered in a comprehensive way. Determine the level of expectation and then include them in the plan for tracking and control.

The focus of the actual operation is

First, the focus on risks and crises is far greater than the importance attached to problems, not that solving problems is not important, but that project managers should focus more on eliminating risks and pitfalls. The project manager must have keen insight and, when he or she discovers any signs or crises, should deal with the problem in a timely manner.

In addition, the project manager should understand the authorization, but ensure that the authorization does not affect the progress and quality. Therefore, the project manager must not go beyond the generation, everything to do on their own, can not blindly authorize, nothing, but to play the role of a good coach.

As a team leader, the project manager should also do the following.

01. Strengthen the construction of the project team

Forming an efficient project team and clarifying the responsibilities of team members are the primary conditions for project managers to manage projects and are key to the achievement of project objectives.

02. Good at organizing and properly decentralizing

The essence of the project manager is to manage the project, not to carry out the many tasks. Personal energy is limited, the project manager can not master all the knowledge and skills, dare to trust the team, to give full play to the spirit of team warfare.

03. Pay attention to interpersonal communication

Good interpersonal skills are the first necessary skills for project managers. A good project manager learns to coordinate communication with owners, project team members, and the company’s senior leadership, which plays an important role in the success or failure of the entire project. Communication is a way to exchange information and promote better collaboration between teams.

04. Improve leadership

The project manager’s job is to plan the blueprint, plan, and lead the team to complete the project, rather than implement each subtropical. The project manager should give each team member some power and assign corresponding responsibilities, and combine the power, responsibility and interests.

05. Strengthen the quality that the project manager should possess

Master this professional and technical knowledge, have the drive to work, take the initiative to assume responsibility, have mature and objective judgment ability, have the management ability, honest and reliable and words and deeds consistent with what is promised to do, alert, energetic, hard-working, ready to deal with possible events.PMP certificate ( check the dumps review ) not only improves the project manager’s project management level, but also directly reflects the project manager’s personal competitiveness, and is a symbol of the status of the project management professionals. The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam, organized by the American Project Management Association (PMI), has been rolled out in more than 190 countries and regions around the world.

06. Clarify the content of project management

The project manager has overall control over the content of the project management (scope, schedule, cost, quality, resources, communication, risk, procurement, related parties, integration), each of which is critical. The project manager clearly manages the content and grasps the focus of the work is the basis of the success of the project management.


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