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How to Decipher the Best Online Offers in Different Sectors

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Best Online Offers

One of the best things about the internet is the number of offers users can find that help them save money. Whatever goods or services you’re looking for, the world wide web is full of discounts and freebies for new customers to take advantage of.

While some are great deals that lead to substantial savings, others are ultimately less valuable to consumers. These bad deals can often be difficult to spot due to the clever tricks used by companies to encourage users to redeem their promotions. As such it’s important to know what things to look out for before signing up for a new service. Below we explore both the good and bad signs to look out for when browsing for online deals.


The gaming industry utilizes promotional deals as a way of attracting new users. Online casinos are a great example of this with various sign up bonus offers frequently redeemed by new and returning patrons alike. These deals allow players to try these games for free before financially committing to them, creating an invitational and risk-free experience.

This is in stark contrast to some of the practices employed by so-called “freemium” mobile apps, which claim to be free but later require payment from customers in order to progress or improve in the game. Nowadays, app marketplaces like Apple’s App Store and Google Play force developers to state whether games feature in-app purchases or not, but there still many ways they hide costs, making it imperative that you research well in order to avoid unwanted expenses.


Another industry that uses new customer offers is commerce and shopping websites. Websites selling items like clothes, shoes and luxury products offer new customer deals like free delivery, discounts and free items. These offers have been very successful in helping businesses in the commerce industry successfully transition from physical stores to online operations.

Deciding which of these deals is for you is matter of weighing up the costs associated with different sites. For example, if deciding between two clothing websites with one offering free delivery and another offering a discount, you should calculate which deal would help you save the most money.

Additionally, some of these websites also provide new customer deals that can be used in multiple orders, with offers like “$10 off each of your first 3 orders”, which can be great for websites you plan on using more than once. However, these deals may often be cleverly worded with something like “$30 off your first 3 orders”, phraseology that can be confusing and make customers believe they are getting a better deal than they actually are. So, it’s important to be sure of exactly what the deal is before signing up.


Courier Services

Courier services delivering food, groceries and other vital items also provide new users with attractive deals. Similar to the deals offered by companies in other industries, these allow potential customers to test out the services before committing to them long term.

Uber is a great example of this, with their Uber Eats website and application offering discount codes that first-time customers can use to acquire free food. Many of these sites also incorporate “invite a friend” codes that allow users to earn discounts for themselves and their friends by simply sharing their code.

When evaluating these deals, the general rule is to go for the biggest offer that requires the least amount of payment from the user.

Subscription services

Online subscription streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Max use enticing deals which offer customers the chance to use their services for free for a period of time before paying for the service. Apple TV is a great example of this, offering 3 months free to customers who purchase brand new Apple products.

While such deals are great for trying out a new service, they often require users to submit card details for future payments in order to take advantage of the offers. Although they usually give customers the option of cancelling the future subscription before the first payment is due, many people forget to do this, resulting in them making the first payment unknowingly. So, this type of deal may not be worth it for forgetful people who may end up paying for something they don’t ultimately want.

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