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How do you deal with Exam Stress?

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Exam Stress

Exam stress is something that most of us feel at some point in our lives! As the term ‘exam stress’ implies, it refers to the stress students feel during their exams, even if you are studying A Levels online rather than attending a conventional college. In general, it is normal to feel a little bit of pressure and to even feel worried as you work towards exams. But when that stress and worry start to get out of control and starts to affect your academic progress, then that’s a sign that you need to do something about it!

But how does one know that they are dealing with exam stress? Some of the common signs of exam stress include tense muscles, feeling overwhelmed, headaches, nail-biting, upset stomach, feeling moody, lack of motivation, and trouble sleeping. So if you have exams coming up and you notice some of these symptoms, then it is a sign that you are experiencing exam stress!

How do you deal with Exam Stress?

So, you have an exam coming up for school, college, university or even home study? The last thing you would want is to start feeling the exam stress as it can hinder your ability to focus and to study! When we talk about exams such as A Levels online, it becomes a lot more important to find different ways to deal with exam stress.

Without wasting any more time, let’s look at different ways to deal with exam stress:

Use Relaxation Techniques

One of the best ways to deal with exam stress is to use relaxation techniques. When we feel stressed, our heartbeat and breathing start to speed up, which are signs of stress. By using a simple breathing exercise, you break that pattern and send a signal to the brain that everything is alright!

A simple breathing exercise: Close your eyes and inhale slowly for a count of three. Then slowly exhale air out of the body for a count of five. Repeat this exercise multiple times to get out of the stressed zone and to start feeling relaxed.

Use Distraction Techniques

Using distraction techniques, you can distract your mind from exam stress and thus alleviate some of that exam stress as well. Examples of distraction techniques involve sipping ice water, chewing gum, or using toys such as stress ball, elastic band, or fidget spinner!

Use any of these techniques to divert your mind towards other activities and provide yourself with a break from the stress.

Eat – Sleep – Exercise

One of the best ways to keep the exam stress under check is to eat properly, sleep well, and exercise regularly. Exam stress can mess up your sleep and can even make you forget about eating! In order to counter the stress and to ensure that your body continues to operate at its maximum efficiency, you need to ensure that you continue to eat a balanced diet while also exercising or playing sports.

Challenge Stress

Another great way to combat exam stress and negative thoughts is to challenge them with positive thoughts. Does your mind tell you that you can’t do it, or you are going to fail? Counter it by saying that you will pass the exam and you will try your best!

It may sound silly but saying these things out loud can have a calming effect on your mood and alleviate some of that negative energy as well!


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