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Google Fi Cuts Prices And Bumps Data For Unlimited Plans



Google Fi Cuts Prices And Bumps Data For Unlimited Plans

Google Fi has updated its Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans with better pricing and more high-speed data. Existing customers will see these changes on their next bill as they are quite competitive. Today, new customers can take advantage of the new pricing and score up to $500 toward a new phone.

Google Fi Simply Unlimited

Google Fi's new Unlimited rates start at $50 for one line.

Google Fi’s new Unlimited rates start at $50 for one line.

Last year, Google Fi launched its Simply Unlimited plan as a low-cost option for people who want unlimited data without a lot of added perks. Just $20 per line is now the price for four or more lines on Simply Unlimited, which is an outstanding deal in comparison to other phone plans.

Here’s the new pricing for Simply Unlimited:

  • One Line: $50 (Previously $60)
  • Two Lines: $40 per line (Previously $45)
  • Three Lines: $25 per line (Previously $30)
  • Four or More Lines: $20 per line (Previously $30)

With Simply Unlimited plans, Google now includes 5GB of hotspot data. It’s also raising the limit from 22GB to 35GB for high-speed data. Following your first 35GB of data, your speeds will be capped at 256 kbps until the next billing cycle.

Google Fi Unlimited Plus

Google Fi's new Unlimited Plus rates start at $65 for one line.

Google Fi Unlimited Plus is probably the right plan for you if you travel a lot or need cloud storage. Google One storage (per line), unlimited tethering, international calls, and the addition of up to four data-only lines (for use with a laptop or tablet) are included.

Here’s the updated Unlimited Plus pricing:

  • One Line: $65 (Previously $70)
  • Two Lines: $55 per line (Previously $60)
  • Three Lines: $45 per line (Previously $50)
  • Four or More Lines: $40 per line (Previously $45)

A new 55GB high-speed data cap is also available to Unlimited Plus members, which is more than double the old limit of 22GB. Once you have used 55GB of high-speed data, Google Fi will limit your speed to 256 kbps.

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