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Google Doodle honors French-Iranian photojournalist Abbas Attar on his 80th birthday

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Google Doodle honors French-Iranian photojournalist Abbas Attar on his 80th birthday

(CTN News) – On Friday, Google Doodle issued a doodle commemorating the 80th birthday of French Iranian photographer and journalist Abbas Attar. The doodle displays a photographer with his camera in the front, with the term ‘Google’ written in the background, which appears to be a snapshot. His birthday coincides with today’s Good Friday Christian celebration.

Abbas Attar became known for his photographs and essays about conflicts, faiths, and the plights of communities worldwide. The French-Iranian photographer and journalist devoted his career to exposing conflict-ridden civilizations. His classic black-and-white photographs captured the “suspended moment”.

The photographer-turned-journalist was born on March 29, 1944, in southeast Iran. This doodle’s exposure extends to Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Pakistan.

What little is known about Abbas Attar’s early life suggests that he fell in love with photography before traveling to Paris. He then began to focus his reporting on social trends in emerging countries.


Abbas Attar Career

His career spanned six decades, covering conflicts and revolutions in Biafra, Bangladesh, Northern Ireland, Vietnam, Bosnia, the Middle East, the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Chile, Cuba, and South Africa’s apartheid regime.

He had a lifetime interest in religion and its confluence with society, and his coverage of the Iranian Revolution from 1978 to 1979 earned him international acclaim. In his visionary work, ‘Iran: the Confiscated Revolution,’ he documented the emergence of religious extremism.

‘Return to Oapan and Return to Mexico’ and ‘Journeys Beyond the Mask’ are two words that describe Mexico through the eyes of Abbas. He is also credited with researching the world’s major faiths, particularly radical Islam’s comeback beginning in 1987.

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