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Former Stewardess of Japan Airlines Takes Over as JAL President



Former Stewardess of Japan Airlines Takes Over as JAL President

Japan Airlines named its first female president, a former stewardess who rose through the ranks to top management, in a hugely symbolic move in a country battling to address a significant gender gap at work.

Mitsuko Tottori, a senior managing executive officer who joined Japan Airlines (JAL) in 1985, the year the carrier saw one of its deadliest catastrophes in history, will become president on April 1, according to a statement.

The nomination comes as Japanese businesses face growing pressure to increase gender diversity and close the gender pay gap, which is the worst among the Group of Seven nations and nearly double the average of the OECD grouping of advanced economies.

“There are female employees out there who are struggling with their career paths or going through significant life events,” Tottori said at a news conference.

“I hope my appointment as a president can encourage them, or give them the courage to take the next step.”

The adjustment comes as the airline works to recover from the pandemic-era decline and tourists return to Japan. Following this month’s accident between a JAL airliner and a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft at Tokyo’s Haneda airport, airline safety has received renewed attention.

As the airliner caught fire, all 379 passengers evacuated.

Tottori, according to Japan Airlines, has a “high level of insight and field experience” in safety operations and service. Mr Yuji Akasaka, the current president, will take on the role of chairperson while remaining a representative director, according to the airline statement.

The incumbent chairman, Yoshiharu Ueki, will retire in April and leave the director position upon shareholder approval in June. Japan Airlines has established a target for women to account for 30% of all managers by the end of the fiscal year in March 2026.

Japan Airlines Commitment to Service

When it comes to travelling to and within Japan, Japan Airlines (JAL) is a popular choice among many travellers. From customer service to luxury economy class, JAL has a lot to offer.

Japan Airlines is dedicated to providing great customer service to its passengers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

Whether you have questions, need support, or want to express feedback, JAL has multiple ways to meet your needs.

JAL offers a variety of contact alternatives, including online functions and frequently asked questions on a wide range of topics. If you require further assistance, you may easily contact Japan Airlines via their customer support channels.

These channels include contact forms, email support, and specific phone lines for various areas, allowing passengers to seek help based on their location.

For foreign travellers, JAL has established global offices and contact locations, allowing passengers from all around the world to seek assistance.

Whether you have a question about bookings, ticketing, in-flight services, or any other part of your travel experience, JAL strives to provide responsive and helpful assistance to travellers worldwide.

Japan Airlines premium economy

JAL’s premium economy class provides a luxurious and comfortable flying experience, with additional features and services. Japan Airlines’ premium economy class offers increased comfort and privacy.

With seats that prioritise functionality and privacy, travellers may enjoy a relaxed flight with extra legroom, resulting in a more comfortable travel experience.
In-flight amenities

Passengers in JAL’s premium economy class can enjoy a variety of facilities meant to enhance their travel experience. From premium meal selections to specialised in-flight entertainment systems, JAL guarantees that guests in the premium economy class are properly cared for throughout their voyage.

Passengers who have flown JAL’s premium economy class have frequently lauded the airline for its exceptional service and comfortable travel experience.

Travellers have given excellent reviews on Japan Airlines’ premium economy class, citing abundant legroom, high-quality facilities, and the overall environment.

Japan Airlines prioritises customer service and luxury travel experiences, with the goal of providing passengers with a flawless and comfortable journey. With a commitment to excellence, JAL remains a preferred choice for people travelling to and within Japan.

You may learn more about Japan Airlines and its services by visiting their official website.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on current knowledge of Japan Airlines and is subject to change based on the airline’s policies and offerings.

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