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Police Arrest Pub Owner After 15 People Killed in Raging Fire

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Police Arrest Pub Owner After 15 People Killed in Raging Fire

Police in central Thailand have arrested the owner of the Mountain B Pub that burned down early Friday morning, killing 15 people and injuring 38 more. His lawyer Anucha Wongsrisat said his client had confessed to all charges.

Mr. Pongsiri Panprasong, 27, reported to the Royal Thai Police, where he was promptly escorted into the police station building without talking to Thai media.

His arrest occurred soon after the Pattaya Provincial Court issued an arrest warrant for negligent acts that caused other persons’ deaths and operating a nightspot without permission. The Mountain B Pub was registered as a restaurant but was operated as a nightclub.

His lawyer said the client admitted to the charges and will request bail from the Pattaya court on Monday.
Police said they would oppose bail for Mr. Pongsiri, arguing that he might attempt to flee or interfere with witnesses.
Mr. Pongsir’s wife, Ms. Anongnart, 31, said she and her husband had not tried to escape their responsibility and helped the nightlife revellers that night. Their lawyer said they promised to pay the families of the dead 50,000 baht each, with 10,000 baht for each person injured.

Police Arrest Pub Owner After 15 People Killed in Raging Fire

Used Tires on the Pub’s Roof

Mr. Pongsiri’s arrest comes after a raging fire gutted the Mountain B Pub in the Sattahip district of Chon Buri at 1am on Friday, killing 15 people and seriously injuring 38.
It is initially believed that a short circuit caused the deadly fire that broke out at the Mountain B pub near the stage before it quickly spread to other areas.
In the meantime, the Mayor of Sattahip, Narong Bunbancherdsri, stated that the pub owner was granted permission to erect a building to operate a restaurant after studying the blueprints of the building.
City officials, however, were unaware of the restaurant’s partial conversion into a nightclub until the fire.
He said used car tires were found on the Mountain B pub’s roof that fire investigators believe were used by the pub owner to absorb the noise from the music after numerous complaints from people in the neighbourhood.
In addition, he said that metal sheets lined the ceiling, and the heavy car tires might reduce vibrations in the metal sheets and the structure of the building when the band played.


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