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Five Unique Ideas for Your Teenager’s Bedroom

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If you have a teenager, you’ll know not only how difficult they can be, but also how wonderful. While they may not always speak in full sentences or clean their room, they are now starting to show signs of the adult they will become. For families who are moving house, you may worry that your teenager’s room will immediately become a dump, just like it is now. One way to combat teenage messiness is to put some time and effort into designing a special room for them. Here are five unusual ideas for decorating a teenager’s bedroom.

1.    A comfy game station

If your teenager enjoys playing video or computer games, indulge them. Set up a nice, clean, and comfy game station. Chances are, you won’t be able to stop them from playing their games. What you can do is to make sure that the place where they play them looks nice. Make sure they have a comfy chair and lots of room. If they appreciate the way this game station looks, they will be more likely to keep it tidy.

2.    Let them choose a theme.

Let your son or daughter choose a theme for their room. Themes can make room design a lot more fun and will help you to keep your child engaged with the way their new room looks. If you let them choose their own theme, they will feel as though they have more ownership of the space, and they will hopefully take better care of the space once they move in.

3.    Give them lots of organization options.

Try to build as many organizational tools into the room as you can. The more drawers and compartments there are, the more likely it is your child will use them. Make sure they have a large laundry hamper, so that it will be easy for them to toss their dirty clothes into this instead of onto the floor.

4.    Backlit film posters

If your child is a fan of movies, why not invest in some gorgeous backlit film posters? Your teenager will love this unique look and look forward to showing them off to his or her friends. Printmoz has some amazing backlit film posters that can transform any room.

5.    Vanity dressing table

If your teenager is starting to get into makeup and hair, why not get them set up with an organized, spacious vanity dressing table? Your teenager will love experimenting with different looks. If you can find one, try to install a dressing room-style light-up mirror.

Final Thoughts

Many parents neglect their teenagers’ rooms, assuming they are a lost cause. It’s true – teenagers can be messy and careless with their belongings. Nevertheless, with a little effort, you can work together to create a beautiful, personalized space that they will want to spend time in and keep clean. Involve your teenager in your design decisions. They will love expressing themselves and have a space of their own that reflects their interests and personality.

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