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Portable Charger Bursts into Flames Causes Panic on Thai Air Asia Flight

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Portable Charger Bursts into Flames Causes Panic on Thai Air Asia Flight

A portable charger caught fire and caused havoc on a Thai Air Asia aircraft from Bangkok to Nakhon Si Thammarat on Saturday morning. Passengers and crew will work together to put out a midair fire. A passenger on Thai AirAsia flight FD3188 reported the incident.

Passengers reported seeing smoke and flames coming from the seat pocket in the 15th row of the aeroplane about 30 minutes after departure from Don Mueang Airport. Despite the turmoil and panic, those aboard were able to work together to extinguish the fire in two minutes.

The Thai Air Asia flight was able to continue and safely land at Nakhon Si Thammarat airport as planned, with all 186 passengers safely aboard.

An initial inspection revealed burn scars on seats near the incident. Thai Air Asia officials said the exploding power bank was to blame.

The power bank belongs to a family of seven or eight persons travelling on vacation. It was in the seat pocket when it caught fire.

According to Thai Air Asia, portable chargers on aircraft can pose serious risks due to their lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have been known to overheat and even catch fire, leading to potential emergencies mid-flight. Thai Air Asia has strict regulations regarding the use and storage of portable chargers to mitigate these dangers.

Passengers should never leave their charging devices unattended and should follow crew instructions to ensure the safety of all on board. In some cases, portable chargers have caused disruptions and diversions, highlighting the importance of handling them with care during air travel.

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Thai AirAsia Launches Direct Flights from Don Mueang to Shanghai

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