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Filipino Transgender Woman Wins The Pattaya Pageant



Filipino Transgender Woman Wins The Pattaya Pageant

(CTN News) – In Pattaya yesterday, a Filipino transgender woman won a world-renowned beauty pageant. Columbia and France finished as runners-up. A total of 23 transgender women competed for the title.

Miss International Queen Fuschia Anne Ravena, 27, dazzled the crowd with her glittery silver dress and bejeweled silver crown.

In photos published by Filipino media, Fuscia looked emotional. While the crown was placed on her head, the photos show her on the verge of tears with her hands together in a praying motion. By day, Fuscia is a business owner, but yesterday she was a princess.

Globally, the contest is known as the biggest and most famous transgender beauty pageant. In addition to helping transgender people feel more accepted by society, the pageant aims to bring together transgender people from around the world.

Fuscia’s win marks the return of the pageant after almost two years due to Covid-19 restrictions. Upon accepting the crown, Fuscia spoke on what the world needs right now…

My first message to everyone is to spread love, peace, and unity because that is the most important thing we can do as of now and what is happening in the world.

As June is Pride month around the world, the pageant was held this month. Thailand held its first Pride Parade in 16 years.

Although Thai society is known for accepting LGBTQ+ people, members of the community still face discrimination due to conservative values. Bangkok Pride organizers wanted to bring this to light.

A variety of events, such as Miss International Queen, are also helping to promote the acceptance of all people.

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