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MovieHunt to Dominate International News Scape 




MovieHunt: Have you ever heard of an unbiased and objective presentation of the news? Anyone claiming to give you one nowadays you’d rightly take with a grain of salt.

How ‘bout getting properly compensated for your noteworthy journalistic contribution (no previous experience required)? You’d call it madness.

Now, there’s a name for such a staggering phenomenon – MovieHunt.

MovieHunt is a trailblazing social media app that gives you an intuitive, easy to figure out, and interactive platform to share interesting and socially impactful events by:

  • filming your own videos on the spot;
  • submitting original MovieHunt Requests;
  • involving MH’s audience;
  • getting picked by major mass media outlets (in the most relevant cases)

Apart from making impactful social contributions and reflecting on key moments in modern world history, you as a creator are given a chance to get rewarded should your content prove valuable or meet a specific Request directly from MH.

So, the more news you cover (or affect with your original content), the more independent and influential you become within your community. And with all the financial and technical support you receive, you’ll still have time to invest in what matters most in your own life.

Let your imagination run wild on anything from travel to photography, fashion, cuisine, art, sports, urban life, environment, or human rights – you are actively reshaping the world around you one creative clip at a time. Shared, discussed, and hard-hitting content – much to the delight of news corporations worldwide.

Furthermore, if you choose to do so, you can submit your work completely anonymously. Your safety and well-being are MH’s chief priorities.

It means pure freedom with no more bureaucratic limitations to halt your aspirations, however ambitious. Your only responsibility is to witness, share and impact the world we all live in.

Watergate to Arab Spring to #OneNation to #BlackLivesMatter – any and all news-driven socio-cultural phenomena are now at your fingertips. Enjoy unprecedented opportunities in revolutionary times.

Time to show our world the way it really is.

One MovieHunter at a time.

For more information on how to join MovieHunter ranks, please follow the link below.


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