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Elon Musk Defends Free Speech And Diversity During A Tense Interview

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Elon Musk Defends Free Speech And Diversity During A Tense Interview

(CTN News) – Elon Musk defended his position on diversity and free speech during a tense interview with Don Lemon, a former anchor.

During Monday’s hour-long video interview, Tesla’s chief executive was clearly irritated by Lemon’s questions.

When asked if he abused the drug, which is commonly used as a general anaesthetic, he responded, “I do not think so.” It is impossible to perform work when you have too much ketamine in your system. There is a lot going on at the moment for me.”

The interviewer asked Elon Musk about his criticism of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) schemes, including his support for a thread by conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, claiming DEI endangers medical patients, after he canceled the deal between his X platform and Lemon earlier this month.

Musk responded that Lemon’s statement was “no evidence” that DEI schemes are lowering medical standards, prompting the billionaire to suggest that the X users’ responses would assist them in making their own judgment.

Musk believes DEI should be implemented on a case-by-case basis based on each individual’s skills and integrity.

As well, Musk defended X’s content moderation standards after Lemon pointed out that racist and antisemitic posts remain on the platform.

Musk responded that the posts were not illegal and said: “So, Don, you like to censor.” Lemon responded that he believed in moderation, to which Musk replied: “Moderation is a propaganda word for censorship.”

Musk says if a post is illegal, “we will remove it”, and if it does not violate the law, “we are putting our thumb on the scale or acting as censors”.

Elon Musk’s comments made it clear that he was annoyed with Lemon at several points. Upon being asked if he was upset, the entrepreneur replied, “You are upset me because your way of phrasing questions is not coherent.”

As Musk explained to Lemon, the next Tesla Roadster will be a collaboration with SpaceX and incorporate “some rocket technology”.

Elon Musk added, “I believe that the only way to make something cooler than the Cybertruck is to combine SpaceX and Tesla technology to create something that is not even really a car.” Musk was asked if it was a flying car, and he replied “Maybe.”

Additionally, Elon Musk confirmed that he had recently met Donald Trump, however he had not donated to his campaign, although he was “leaning away” from supporting Joe Biden. In response to a question about whether he would support a presidential candidate, he stated: “I may endorse a candidate, but I am not certain yet.”


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