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An Earthquake Struck The Bay Area Friday Night



An Earthquake Struck The Bay Area Friday Night

(CTN News) – Several Bay Area cities experienced a major earthquake on Friday night when an earthquake rolled across the region. Residents reported feeling the quake in multiple cities in the area.

It was originally estimated that the quake had a magnitude of 4.0, with an epicenter near Millbrae, according to the US Geological Survey. The quake was upgraded shortly after its occurrence to a magnitude 4.1 before it was downgraded to a magnitude 3.9 and a magnitude 3.7.

Immediately after 6:38 p.m., there was a temblor that rattled through the region.

There have been no reports of runway damage at San Francisco International Airport, according to inspectors from the airport.

While crews are inspecting BART’s tracks, the system’s speed has been reduced.

It has been reported by many social media users that they have not received a ShakeAlert on their device. USGS reported that since the magnitude of the quake was below the 4.5 mark, no alerts were sent out as a result of the earthquake.

As of right now, there have been no reports of injuries.

The KTVU desk received calls from people living in San Leandro, Oakland, San Mateo, San Francisco, Newark and other cities that felt the earthquake.

Steve Mazzari was being interviewed by a KTVU photographer while he was out at Fisherman’s Wharf for another story. The shake was caused by me slamming a ‘Dollarita‘ up at the Applebee’s with some friends, but it wasn’t a big shake. It was only like a couple of seconds. Everyone stopped talking. Mazzari described it as a big shake.

Mazzari acknowledges that he is not an expert at estimating earthquake magnitudes, so he underestimated the intensity by estimating the magnitude to be a 3.0. However, when we told Mazzari it was a 3.9 (which was the actual measurement), he stated, “That might have been the most powerful earthquake that I have ever experienced.”

In response to the sudden silence, fellow diners began to wonder if the earthquake was going to stop.

It passed immediately after it occurred. According to Mazzari, some people said it was their first time. For about a second, there was a feeling of panic in the air.”

In spite of the fact that Mazzari has lived in the Bay Area for six years, he has no experience of feeling an earthquake because he has lived here for six years. Feeling festive on a Friday night, he concluded by reminding our camera person that “Dollaritas” are back in town once again.

During the event, a Millbrae resident reported hearing what sounded like a “truck crashing into something” on X, the old name for Twitter.


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