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Drunks Driving and Speeding Still the #1 Killer of Thailand “7 Dangerous Days”



7 dangerous days thailand 2023

From December 28 to December 30th, road accidents in Thailand killed 85 and injured 714 people, with speeding and drunk driving being the leading causes. The numbers are marginally lower than the same period last year, when 90 people were killed and 787 were injured on the first two days of the so-called “seven dangerous days” for road traffic.

Chotinarin Kerdsom, deputy permanent secretary for the Interior Ministry, reported on Saturday that 48 people were killed and 363 were injured in 366 accidents on Friday alone. Accidents were 715 in the first two days, compared to 797 in the same period last year.

According to the Road Safety Directing Centre, speeding was responsible for 35.5% of all road accidents, with drunk driving accounting for the remaining 25.7%.

7 dangerous days thailand 2023

Motorcycles were involved in 79% of all accidents, with 83.9% of crashes occurring on major roadways. Between 4 and 5 p.m., the most dangerous hour for collisions.

On Friday, Sakon Nakhon had the most traffic accidents, at 18. Nakhon Si Thammarat had the most injured individuals (18), while Pathum Thani had the most fatalities (4).

Thirty-one provinces recorded no traffic fatalities. Sakon Nakhon had the most wrecks in two days, with 26, and the most injuries, with 29. Pathum Thani had the highest two-day death toll, at six, according to Mr Chotinarin.

“Seven Dangerous Days” is a word often associated with Thailand’s New Year’s holiday period.

Thailand Records 25 Road Deaths on First Day of Songkran Holiday

The term “7 Dangerous Days” refers to a period when road safety is a major concern due to the high number of accidents and fatalities that occur during the holiday season, mostly as a result of increased travel, alcohol consumption, and irresponsible driving.

During this time, the Thai government, law enforcement, and numerous groups organize programs and activities to promote road safety, prevent drunk driving, and reduce accidents.

A bigger number of individuals traveling to visit family and friends, increased alcohol consumption at celebrations, and an increase in the number of vehicles on the road are all factors contributing to the elevated dangers during the Songkran vacation.

Authorities often undertake tougher enforcement of traffic restrictions, run road safety programs, and promote responsible driving among motorists to address these challenges.

It’s vital to remember that the situation might alter, and the phrase “Seven Dangerous Days” can evolve or be applied in other contexts.

If you want the most up-to-date and reliable information about road safety in Thailand or during specific holidays, it’s best to consult official sources or news updates.

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