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Drunk Tesla Driver Unscathed After Crashing into 12 Vehicles

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Tesla Thailand

Police report the driver of a Tesla that collided with 12 other vehicles at high speeds was intoxicated and well over the legal limit to drive. According to police, The Tesla saved his life.

Police in Thailand’s Phitsanulok province said a test of the Tesla car driver’s blood alcohol level was 194mg per 100ml of blood and were waiting for a doctor’s confirmation before charging him with drunk driving.

According to the station chief, the individual was initially charged with careless driving that caused property damage.

The crash occurred around 3.20 a.m. on Saturday, when a speeding grey Tesla car collided with six cars and six motorcycles near a night-shift diner on incoming Mitraparp Road in Muang district. There were no injuries, including to the Tesla driver.

Tesla Thailand

Police stated that the man who drove under the influence was an advisor to the Phitsanulok police affairs committee, though the driver’s name was not revealed. The station chief stated that the driver committed to reimburse all affected parties.

Arthit Sriputhorn, 35, told reporters that the event happened when their diner was packed and that his elder brother, who owned the facility, had positioned a vehicle to protect people from traffic.

The Tesla car collided with the rear of the diner operator’s automobile at high speed. Customers were relieved that no one was injured, and the Tesla driver was also unharmed, according to Mr Arthit.

Tesla in Thailand

Tesla has recently made considerable inroads in the Thai market, with the advent of electric automobiles garnering popularity among environmentally aware consumers.

The company’s commitment to sustainable transportation solutions is consistent with Thailand’s growing emphasis on lowering carbon emissions and encouraging green projects.

Tesla Thailand

The availability of Tesla automobiles in Thailand represents a big step forward in the country’s attempts to embrace electric mobility and reduce its dependency on traditional fossil fuels.

As the demand for electric vehicles in Thailand grows, Tesla’s presence is expected to help the region’s ongoing transition toward environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

The rise of Tesla’s influence in Thailand demonstrates the growing acknowledgment of electric vehicles as a viable and progressive option for Thailand’s environmentally conscious consumer base.

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