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Driving Instructor Flees Accident Scene After Running Over Police Officer

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Driving Instructor

A vehicle driving instructor who fled the scene after a fatal crash on Thursday evening surrendered to police. The crash occurred around 6.30 p.m, on a bridge in Lam Luk Ka district Pathum Thani province.

Mr, Kittirat Ranprasit, 36, the driver of the black Toyota sedan involved in the fatal crash, reported about two hours later to the Highway Police Sub-division 8. He told police that ran away from the accident scene because his vehicle contained a bottle of beer and an e-cigarette.

On Thursday, police and rescue personnel rushed to the scene and discovered Police Sgt Setthakarn Loykhampom, assigned to Highway Police Sub-division 8, dead on the ground with serious head wounds.

The highway police officer was about 100 meters away from a badly damaged motorcycle, and a black Toyota sedan was nearby, with extensive damage to its front left side. The driver was not found, but an opened bottle of beer was discovered inside the car.

Highway workers told police that they heard the collision while working near the crash site. When they arrived, they discovered the damaged car and one dead police officer. They immediately called 911.

Witnesses reported seeing the police motorcycle pursuing the black car. The Toyota collided with the police bike, which fell to the ground. The car then collided with concrete barriers, coming to a stop. According to witnesses, the driver, dressed in a black T-shirt, was seen getting out of the car and fleeing on foot down the Road.

driving instructor

Driving Instructor Feared Arrest

Mr. Kittirat, a vehicle driving instructor, appeared stressed when reporting to police. He was subjected to alcohol and urine tests in order to detect traces of narcotic substance use.

During questioning, he stated that he parked his car along a highway to fish in a nearby swamp. The highway patrol officer arrived at the time and asked him not to park his car in this no-parking zone.

Mr. Kittirat claimed he tried to flee when the officer attempted to search his car because there was a bottle of beer and an e-cigarette inside, and he was afraid of being arrested at the time.

As the officer pursued him, the driving instructor claimed he was scared and sped away, and later collided with the officer.

Mr. Kittirat was later taken to the local police station for further questioning around 1.20 a.m. on Friday. Angry friends of the deceased officer came to physically assault him as he was being led out of the interrogation room at the Highway Police Division office. Police intervened immediately, transporting him to the Lam Luk Ka police station in a vehicle.

Police initially charged him with murdering an officer on duty and were conducting additional investigations before filing additional charges.

According to media reports, Pol. Sgt Setthakarn has received widespread praise for his good deeds. He had helped an airline passenger avoid missing a flight due to heavy rain, changed car tires for motorists, and assisted a stray dog running among cars on a highway.

His death shocked and saddened his colleagues. He was about to marry when he was killed in the crash on Thursday.

A video of the crash was posted on the Nakon45 Anyawut Phoamphai rescue Facebook page.

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