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3 Menswear Items That Your Professional Wardrobe Should Have



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Landing your dream job is an incredible feeling. All of the time that you spent in school and acquiring experience, learning and growing along the way, will feel more than worth it when you get your first big break in the industry you want to work in. However, landing the job is only the beginning. It is just as important for you to make a good first impression and show up in suitable menswear with the attitude that you are ready and willing to work.

In such cases, it can be easy to underestimate the value of a strong work wardrobe. Neglecting this aspect of your new career would be a mistake, however. The clothes that you wear to the office and when working with clients are incredibly important.

Your appearance shows people that you are a professional, hard-working individual, and it also demonstrates to your superiors that you have respect for the company and your new position to help you achieve the perfect fit. You can also match it up with an accessory like a classy pocket watch from Dalvey’s

If you are looking to create the perfect professional wardrobe for your new job, here are three menswear items that you will want to have on board.

1. A Blazer

Every work environment is different in terms of dress code. Like the law, some professions require employees to dress on the more business casual side of the spectrum. Others tend to be a bit more on the relaxed side. Regardless of the dress code at your workplace, you don’t want to be caught without a well-fitting blazer.

A blazer can be coupled with a variety of trousers to create a clean and professional look. This is particularly important if you have a more important meeting or event to attend that you need to look put-together for. You can find a wide selection of men’s blazers Australia by clicking here.

2. A Tailored Suit

There will at least be a handful of occasions that require you to wear a suit throughout your career. When those occasions arise, you don’t want to be left wearing whatever ill-fitted suit you have hanging in your closet from your university graduation. Once you land your dream job, it is time to take the plunge and invest in at least one tailored suit.

Such suits can run on the more expensive side, but it is an investment that will be well worth it. Stick to a classic colour like grey or blue to find a more versatile suit for various occasions. Overall, the fit is going to be the most important aspect of finding the right suit. Take your time and find a well-reviewed tailor to help you achieve the perfect fit.

3. Oxford Shoes

It can be easy to assume that few people are actually paying attention to the shoes that you wear; however, building a solid work wardrobe is all about the details. For this reason, you will want to invest in a few pairs of Oxford shoes. Make sure that you go with a classic look that you can pair with most of your work outfits for maximum versatility.


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