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Drivers Who Don’t Pay Their Traffic Tickets Face Jail-Time



Drivers Who Don't Pay Their Traffic Tickets Face Jail-Time

The Metropolitan Police Bureau has announced that motorists or motorcyclists who refuse to pay fines associated with traffic tickets may be arrested starting June 20, 2022.

If alleged offenders fail to pay traffic tickets online after being warned once and served twice with summonses, the Metropolitan police will request a warrant for their arrest.

Furthermore, they warned that those who face arrest may have their names recorded in police criminal records and in the provincial administration department’s central database.

This could cause problems with immigration and revoke some rights when making legal transactions or applying for jobs abroad. The offender would have to find a traffic ticket law firm to fight the charges.

Thai traffic police will use a new management system but increased fines are delayed. via Samui Times

If a driver is caught violating traffic regulations, police will issue a traffic ticket, either by mail after having been caught by CCTV or by an e-ticketing device during a traffic stop.

These tough measures have been deemed necessary after it was discovered that many traffic violators refused to pay the fines. Some of whom have been slapped with up to 59 traffic violation tickets. Visit to learn more about this!

The Metropolitan Police believe the harsh measures will reduce traffic violations and road accidents. According to the police, tickets issued in the past 12 months are still valid, although repeat offenders will be targeted.

According to the World Health Organization, Thailand’s roads are among the deadliest in the world.

The number of people who die in road accidents every year is about 20,000, which is about two per hour on average.

Since 2019 more people have died from traffic accidents than from Covid-19.

 Drivers with Traffic Tickets Totaling Bt36,000 Arrested in Chiang Rai

Drivers with Traffic Tickets Totaling Bt36,000 Arrested in Chiang Rai


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