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Despite Gaza Crisis, Biden Gives Palestinians Temporary Refuge

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Despite Gaza Crisis, Biden Gives Palestinians Temporary Refuge

(CTN News) – As a result of the ongoing war in Gaza and deteriorating humanitarian conditions, US President Joe Biden granted “deferred enforced departure” to Palestinians living in the United States. The measure protects them from deportation for the next 18 months.

A White House official said the decision is designed to provide “temporary safe haven” to roughly 6,000 Palestinians living in the West Bank, according to the official.

A number of human rights groups as well as Palestinian advocacy groups have been urging the Biden administration to take action despite the deteriorating situation in Gaza for months following months of pressure from them.

As a result of Hamas’ horrific terrorist attack on Israel on October 7th and Israel’s ensuing military response, the humanitarian situation in Gaza has been significantly deteriorated, according to White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

In spite of this, the protections come with certain limitations as well. Returning to the Palestinian territories voluntarily will result in the loss of protection from deportation for those who return.

Additionally, the directive has drawn criticism from some people who believe the priority should be given to a permanent ceasefire instead of a temporary one.

Despite the fact that Abed Ayoub, the executive director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, welcomed the move, he reiterated the need for more comprehensive solutions.

According to him, there is no change in the situation in Gaza or Palestine, and this is something we welcome in light of the current situation in Gaza and Palestine.

According to Gaza health officials, over 28,500 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli attacks since October 7th, while Israeli sources claim 1,200 Palestinians have been killed by a Hamas offensive in the same timeframe.

In an effort to restore peace in the Gaza Strip and ensure humanitarian aid is delivered to the Gaza Strip, tensions are continuing to rise in the region as the ongoing conflict continues to fuel tensions.


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