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Dengue Fever Outbreak in Thailand Reaches 3-Year High: Nearly 20,000 Affected, 15 Deaths



Dengue Fever Outbreak in Thailand Reaches 3-Year High Nearly 20,000 Affected, 15 Deaths

(CTN News) – Thailand faces a significant public health challenge as the government raises the alarm about a rapidly growing dengue fever outbreak.

Alarming Rise in Dengue Fever Cases in Thailand

Trisuree Trisaranakul, the government deputy spokesperson, has issued a warning, urging the public to take preventive measures from June to August during the upcoming rainy season.

With the infection rate expected to rise during this period, citizens are advised to protect themselves and their children.

The outbreak has already seen nearly 20,000 reported cases and claimed the lives of 15 individuals over the past five months, marking the highest level of incidence in the past three years.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, the number of dengue cases recorded is a staggering 18,173, representing a 4.2-fold increase compared to the previous year.

The most affected demographic groups are students aged 5-14 years, followed by the 15-24 age group. Geographically, the outbreak has hit the hardest in Bangkok, Trat, Nan, Chanthaburi, Rayong, and Mae Hong Son.

Health authorities predict that the upward trend of dengue cases will persist during the rainy season from June to August before gradually declining in September.

Trisuree Trisaranakul has emphasized the importance of taking preventive measures to combat the spread of the disease.

Citizens are encouraged to safeguard themselves and their children from mosquito bites by utilizing mosquito nets, applying mosquito repellents, and regularly checking family members for symptoms.

Early symptoms of dengue fever include a high fever lasting two to seven days, body aches, muscle pain, eye pain, and redness of the body and eyes. Individuals should seek immediate medical attention for diagnosis and treatment if these symptoms are suspected.

Recognizing Initial Symptoms and Seeking Prompt Medical Attention

To combat the outbreak, the Thai government has called upon all sectors of society to join the campaign and prevent the spread of dengue.

A key focus is eliminating mosquito breeding grounds, particularly during the rainy season. Citizens are advised to regularly inspect their surroundings, ensuring that stagnant water is drained every seven days from common locations such as flowerpot saucers, containers, old tires, and ponds.

The severity of the current dengue fever outbreak demands immediate action and collaboration between the government, healthcare authorities, and the general public.

The nation can effectively combat this public health crisis by implementing preventive measures, raising awareness, and eradicating mosquito breeding sites. Let us unite to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities from the growing threat of dengue fever.

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