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China School Gymnasium Roof Collapse: 11 Dead During Girls’ Volleyball Practice



China School Gymnasium Roof Collapse 11 Dead During Girls' Volleyball Practice

(CTN News) – In a devastating incident, eleven lives were tragically lost when the roof of a school gymnasium in north-east China collapsed while a girls’ volleyball team was using it. The incident has left many grieving parents and community members seeking answers and justice.

Eyewitnesses reported that several victims were children, although official confirmation is still pending. The gym, located in the industrial province of Heilongjiang, was occupied by 19 people during the collapse, of which only eight survived.

China’s Deadly School Gym Roof Collapse

Local media reports reveal that the police have detained the bosses at a nearby construction company. They are accused of using perlite, a type of volcanic glass, to dump on the gym’s roof while working on an adjacent construction project. The perlite had absorbed rainwater during heavy downpours, ultimately leading to the roof’s collapse.

Rescue teams worked tirelessly to find survivors in the debris while anguished parents gathered at a nearby hospital searching for updates. The coach of the middle school’s girls’ volleyball team also called out their students’ names during the rescue efforts.

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However, many parents criticized the school officials for lacking proper communication about the rescue operations, leaving them distressed and uncertain. Social media platforms have been flooded with videos and messages expressing frustration towards the authorities’ handling of the situation.

This tragedy has sparked broader discussions on social media about safety standards and enforcement in the construction industry in China. Construction accidents have been a recurring issue in the country, often attributed to lax safety measures and inadequate oversight. The presence of perlite on the gym’s roof has raised questions about adherence to building regulations.

China’s authorities face growing public outrage, with citizens expressing concerns about the value placed on human lives and the need for stricter penalties for those who violate safety laws.

The incident is a stark reminder of the importance of ensuring strict adherence to safety regulations in all construction projects to prevent such avoidable tragedies.

As the nation mourns the loss of innocent lives, there is a pressing demand for accountability and measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

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