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Chiang Rai Army Ranger Kills Two Drug Runners in Firefight

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Army Rangers from the Pha Muang Task Force have shot and killed two drug runners in Chiang Rai’s Doi Charakhae area after a 10-minute firefight. Soldiers seized 195Kg of Crystal meth worth an estimated 15 million baht.

Maj-General Narit Thavornwong told a press briefing that the Army Rangers learned that a large cache of drugs was to be transported across the border in Chiang Rai’s Doi Charakhae area. The Army Ranger soldiers lay in waiting on a know travel path area.

The soldiers spotted find 15 men carrying knapsacks and ordered them to stop. When the rangers presented themselves, the drug runners opened fire on the Army Rangers from the Pha Muang Task Force.

The firefight ended after 10 minutes, and the Army Rangers found two dead drug runners.

Pha Muang Force commander Maj-General Narit instructed army officials to investigate the firefight area and officials believe the two dead drug runners to be of Wa ethnic people.

Soldiers also found the 15 knapsacks made with sacking cloth. Each bag was filled with 13 packs of crystal meth weighing one kilo each.

Chiang Rai province borders the Golden Triangle which is now one of the world’s leading areas for the production of methamphetamine. Production has scaled up for meth pills mixed with caffeine and crystal meth, for export to Australia, New Zealand, and across East and Southeast Asia.

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