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Check Out The New Gulfstream G700 That Just Received FAA Approval

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Check Out The New Gulfstream G700 That Just Received FAA Approval

(CTN News) – Gulfstream Aerospace recently reached a major milestone with regard to its new Gulfstream G700 business jet by obtaining certification from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The subsidiary of General Dynamics announced the news on Friday, stating that the deal would pave the way for the delivery to customers of the most spacious business aircraft ever built.

This Gulfstream G700 jet can transport 19 people at a time with the option for up to five separate living areas in the aircraft.

The cabin features whisper-quiet noise levels, 20 Gulfstream G700 panoramic oval windows and 100% fresh air that is never recirculated in the aircraft, according to Gulfstream Aerospace.

The newly certified Gulfstream jet is one of the “fastest in the Gulfstream fleet” with a top speed of Mach 0.935, according to the company. Moreover, the company claims that the aircraft has an impressive range, capable of going 7,750 nautical miles at a speed of Mach 0.85, or 6,660 at a speed of Mach 0.90.

There have been significant increases in both the speed and range of the aircraft compared to prior expectations.

A statement from Gulfstream G700 President Mark Burns said, “I would like to thank our world-class team of flight test, certification and engineering professionals as well as the many other Gulfstream employees who contributed to this accomplishment.”.

Gulfstream has been working on the Gulfstream G700 jet since the beginning of this year.

During a press conference held in late January, General Dynamics CEO, Phebe Novakovic, declared that the company had 15 G700s ready to go, and that the company hoped to deliver the planes by the end of the quarter.

During the Singapore Airshow held in late February, the highly anticipated aircraft appeared for the first time.

As well as producing the G500, G600, and G650, Gulfstream produces a wide range of other jet models.


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