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Cats Know Names Of Their Owners, Study Claims



Cats Know Names Of Their Owners, Study Claims

(CTN News) – Researchers from Japan have concluded after their experiment that cats associate the names of their companions with their faces without having to be trained, NDTV reported.

In a recent experiment that was conducted at Kyoto University, 48 cats were involved in the experiment. All of these cats halved in households with at least two other pets, while 19 of these cats lived in a family home and 29 of them lived in a cat cafe.

Cats know the name of their owner and can also recognize the monikers of their feline friends

In order to study the cognitive abilities of cats, two experiments were conducted. The first experiment involved the cats looking at a photo of the feline they lived with.

As soon as a name was called, their responses to these images were recorded. According to scientists, if the cat stared at the picture longer, it indicated that it was familiar with the real name of the pictured animal.

Researchers say that household cats tended to pay greater attention to the monitor when the wrong name was called, showing that there is an ‘expectancy violation effect’, according to the study, which has been published in the journal Scientific Reports.

In the second experiment, 26 cats were shown pictures of their owners or their own. Felines developed a stronger bond with their fellow cats than they did with humans. They could, however, learn the name of their owners.

“This study provides evidence that cats can link a companion’s name to a corresponding face without explicit training,” the experts expressed in the study.

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