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Cabinet Approves Fares for Yellow Line Monorail in Bangkok



Cabinet Approves Fares for Yellow Line Monorail in Bangkok

(CTN News) – The Cabinet has granted its approval for the fares of the Yellow Line monorail in Bangkok, marking a significant step toward implementing a standardized payment system across the city’s rail networks. The new fare structure will be effective from July 3, according to Government Spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri. This article explores the details of the approved fares, fare calculations for transfers, the introduction of promotional tickets, and the resolution of fare collection issues on the Blue and Purple lines.

Fares for the Yellow Line Monorail

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Starting July 3, commuters traveling on the 30.4-kilometer-long Yellow Line monorail can expect fares between 15 baht and 45 baht for the entire route. The fare amounts will be determined based on the distance traveled, bringing the Yellow Line in line with other rail networks in the capital. The implementation of fare charges follows the completion of the monorail’s initial free trial period, which began on June 3.

Fare Calculation for Transfers

Passengers transferring to the Yellow Line from other MRTA-operated lines or lines operated by different operators will benefit from a fare calculation exemption. If the transfer is completed within 30 minutes, passengers will not be required to pay a flag fall charge. This encourages seamless travel across different rail lines and enhances convenience for commuters.

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Promotional Tickets to Encourage Usage

The MRTA board has been granted the authority to introduce various promotional tickets to encourage greater utilization of the train system. These include student tickets, ticket sets, and monthly tickets. The MRTA aims to incentivize more individuals to choose the Yellow Line monorail for their daily commutes by providing discounted fares and flexible ticket options, thereby reducing traffic congestion and promoting sustainable transportation.

Addressing Fare Collection Issues on Blue and Purple Lines

The newly approved MRTA regulations cover fare implementation for the Yellow Line and address fare collection concerns on the Blue and Purple lines. These regulations clarify fare structures and collection mechanisms for these existing lines. By streamlining fare processes, the MRTA aims to enhance transparency and efficiency in fare collection, ensuring a seamless experience for passengers.


With the Cabinet’s approval of the fares for the Yellow Line monorail, Bangkok is poised to introduce a standardized fare system across its rail networks. Commuters anticipate paying fares ranging from 15 baht to 45 baht for the 30.4-kilometer route starting from July 3. Furthermore, passengers transferring from other rail lines will enjoy exemptions from flag fall charges if the transfer is completed within 30 minutes.

The introduction of promotional tickets and the resolution of fare collection issues on the Blue and Purple lines are additional measures to encourage increased ridership and improve the overall commuting experience for residents and visitors alike.

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