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Buffalo Will Get Heavy Snow Sunday, When The Bills Play

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Buffalo Will Get Heavy Snow Sunday, When The Bills Play

(CTN News) – A wild-card playoff game in Buffalo on Friday has been in the spotlight all week due to the possibility of high winds.

It is now possible to add a potential snowstorm to your game.

Sunday afternoon will be the day of the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Buffalo Bills game, and the National Weather Service has issued an ominous forecast for Buffalo both Saturday and Sunday ahead of the game.

The week leading up to the storm, the National Weather Service also warned the Buffalo area that, in the event of a severe storm, there would be a “heavy lake effect snow band with gusty winds” and that travel would be difficult to nearly impossible within these snow bands.

During a conference call with WGRZ on Thursday, the NFL said they have not had any discussions regarding changing the status of the game, and that there are no plans to do so.

Having said that, Buffalo has a history of playing in bad weather,

So it’s not like it is unfamiliar with it. In the late part of the season, it is not uncommon for Bills home games to be cancelled due to snow. As a result of the combination of snow and wind, the Steelers and Bills may have a very difficult time managing this game, which could make it quite challenging to win.

If snowfalls are going to be heavier than they have been in the past, then I’m hoping that they will not be as heavy as they have been in Orchard Park, the home of the Bills’ stadium.

I think it is likely that weather will be a major part of the story for the Bills’ first home playoff game of this postseason, especially as we approach winter.


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