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BTS’ J-Hope Testing Positive For COVID-19




Sadly, BTS member J-Hope has tested positive for COVID-19. It was confirmed by the band’s management agency, Big Hit Music, on Thursday, March 24. According to their official Reverse account, J-Hope is practicing quarantine at home as he receives treatment for COVID.

BTS’ J-Hope suffered from a sore throat

According to BTS’ agency, J-hope had a sore throat after visiting a hospital yesterday to undergo the PCR test. He tested positive for the novel Coronavirus on Thursday morning. J-hope has completed his third dose of vaccination and is now asymptomatic. The band member is undergoing COVID-19 treatment at home.

J-Hope visited a hospital on Wednesday, March 23, to take a PCR test and was diagnosed with COVID-19 this morning. J Hope has taken up to three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and is currently undergoing treatment at home while under quarantine.

The agency explained that J-hope will only take part in activities after he has recovered from the illness. Upon completing his at-home treatment, J Hope will participate in activities scheduled for next month.

BTS Jin had minor surgery just days earlier. Jin recently injured his fingers and went to the ER on Friday, March 18 according to a statement released via Reverse. He partially damaged the tendons in his finger while performing his daily activities. After consulting with the doctors, he underwent surgery to repair the extensor in his left finger.

According to the medical team, the aforementioned surgery went well. The doctors advised him to take complete rest after he was discharged on Saturday. In addition to this, BTS Jin is also instructed to wear a cast until his injury heals.

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