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Battagram Cable Car: 5 Kids Rescued, Operation Continues For 3 Others



Battagram Cable Car: 5 Kids Rescued, Operation Continues For 3 Others

(CTN News) – ISAPR, Cable Car the military’s media wing, said that the GOC SSG himself supervises the operation.

Children have been stranded since 7am in a mountainous area in Battagram, about 200km from Islamabad.

There is a current operation underway to rescue the rest of the trapped people, according to the ISPR, who also claimed that the rescued children have been landed safely on the ground.

In the afternoon, however, the provincial authorities issued a notice informing the public that the incident occurred at the GHS Batangi Pashto spot over the Jangri Khwar stream.

Life-saving efforts

The latest reports indicate that a helicopter rescue attempt was being made as a last resort due to the weather conditions and low daylight conditions as night approaches.

In order to continue the rescue operation even at night, authorities will work with the Pakistan Army on the ground.

Earlier today, the Hazara Division Commissioner’s Office contacted the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) and the Provincial Relief, Rehabilitation and Settlement Department to request a helicopter for the rescue operation as soon as possible.

PDMA also contacted NDMA director Islamabad and the Pakistan Army sent a helicopter to expedite rescue operations. Soon after, the military sent a second helicopter.

The first aircraft left after the survey. As two of the three cables of the gondola are broken, it is precarious.

In one of the helicopters, about 20 SSG commandos assessed the situation. To prepare for any mishaps, rescue workers on ground laid down nets.

Due to the cable car’s hanging by one wire, it was observed that wind pressure was extremely sensitive during the first attempt. The helicopter’s downwash caused the cable car to shake and become unstable as it approached.

According to Reuters, the cable car became stranded half way across a ravine and was dangling from a single cable after the other snapped.

As a result of the heat and fear, Cable Car one child fainted,” Khattak said.

In addition to gusty winds in the area, the helicopter’s rotor blades can further destabilize the lift, he said.

He added that both helicopters were hovering near the stranded cable car.

According to one security official, special services troops trained in sling operations are involved in this “extremely dangerous and risky operation”.

In sling operations, large loads are moved through difficult terrain by aerial means.

Efforts are being made by the Pakistan army to rescue the stranded people.

In the northern mountainous regions of Pakistan, chair lifts are often used for transportation between villages.

The children go to Batangai in Alai, according to Abdul Nasir Khan, a local resident.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) notified that although the weather is clear in Battagram for the next three to four hours, it may become less than ideal by dusk. According to PMD, rain is expected in the area tonight.

In the cable car, one child fainted while awaiting rescue.


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