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The Latest Fashions Trends in Jewelry to Look Out for in 2021



The Latest Fashions Trends in Jewelry to Look Out for in 2021

Having gone through the year 2020, mostly with memories of time spent indoors, we are looking to switch up the mood and change the game this year. This begins with us stepping out of our homes and showing up to work, events, and social gatherings dressed in the latest fashions and jewelry.

But first, we have to gear up. As we spent the better part of last in our homes, we got to care for our skin, our home appliances, and a few other things, but we paid little attention to our wardrobes.

How about your jewelry? Don’t you need an update? Well, whatever your answers are, you still need to check out these trends at that are about to take over the jewelry scene.

Vibrant colours

According to the Head of Design in Chvker, designs from 2021 will encourage optimism to counter the pandemic anxieties. Colours are known to have effects on human emotion. We are likely to see great and unusual colour combinations in 2021 jewelry. They won’t come as boring, dull, or subtle. As we look to get back out there, you should be open to bold and dramatic jewelry pieces.


Pearls have been associated with royalty for hundreds of years now. However, they were mostly seen in older women who always wanted to appear elegant. This, of course, has changed. Everyone can style pearls and wear them however they want.

Pearls are still very much in vogue. And Chvker believes that they will dominate the online jewelry markets and jewelry stores this year. Some of their collections are the beautiful Pearl Butterfly Necklaces, Pink Anggel Pearl Vermeil necklace, and several others. Some even come in sets.

Religious symbols

Covid has gripped fears in the heart of many. One good way to put them together is to hold on to something they believe in. Chvker has collections of religious symbols that people can flaunt and still look beautiful on them. Some of the collections are the Holy Mary Gold Filled Necklace, the Icon Cross Necklace, Faith Gold Filled Necklace, and several others.

People will hold on to their religious beliefs strongly this year, so religious jewelry like gold diamond angel pendants that are suitable for modern necklaces will make the trend in 2021. Religious jewelry is not new, but with the beautiful modern design and detailing, it is ready to become one of the year’s biggest trends.

It is a plus knowing that these religious motifs symbolize eternity, good fortune, and purity. Begin to plan toward flaunting that floral necklace, ring, bracelet, and earrings this year.

Long earrings

The very long earrings are looking to make a comeback soon. These vibrant earrings are so long that they touch your shoulders when you wear them or even go past your shoulders.

They come in different styles, from funky to elegant.

Chvker Jewels also throws his weight behind this prediction. They say brides will rock long diamond and polka earrings this New Year.

Stylish rings

With the lessons we learned from 2020, we are walking into this year ready for change. We are unsure what to expect, and we have learned that things can turn around quickly. Being ready involves going with what’s wearable and easy. Rings are casual and easy to wear. You can wear stylish rings for personal as well as professional gatherings. Some examples are Butterfly rings, Aria Dangle Butterfly Vermeil rings, Chainrings, and external band rings.

Traditional statement jewelry

Among the trendy jewelry this year, I suggest that we watch out for traditional elements. With the new trends taking over everyone comes the need for people to identify with who they are and not forget their traditional style.

I believe that this year, the conventional statements will be loud and will persist. We’ll see many people pairing this symbolic jewelry with ethnic dresses and beaming with smiles.


The year will see women going for the trendy and traditional look. A chokers neckpiece would add that glamour and charm to traditional looks without taking it overboard.

The chain chokers neckpiece will rule the year. There is one for every season. The likes of Heartbreaker chain choker, Butterfly Lust choker, Astrid Star Vermeil choker, Coin Disc Vermeil Choker etc. Choker neckpieces are both classy and straightforward and, therefore, can be worn with almost any dress. They appear fabulous with simple as well as fancy outfits. Also, they work for both men and women alike.


Dear lover of jewelry, now you know what to look out for. You know what to buy and what to wear. As we hope to beat the ills of 2020 and have ourselves a great year, our wardrobes and accessories have their roles to play. Let us return in style and glamour, for what is life without colours?


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