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“Another Earthquake Rocks Southern Turkey, Causing Panic and More Building Damage”

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(CTN News) – Late on Monday, two weeks after the country’s worst earthquake in modern history left tens of thousands of people dead, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake slammed southern Turkey close to the Syrian border, causing fear and severely destroying structures.

The tremors, which were felt across downtown Antakya city, were severe and long-lasting, causing damage to structures and dispersing dust into the nighttime air, according to two Reuters correspondents. According to Reuters correspondents, Egypt and Lebanon were also affected.

According to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), the earthquake occurred at a shallow depth of 2 km (1.2 miles).

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While ambulances raced to the earthquake-hit region close to the city center, police officers monitored Antakya. Two individuals passed out while others crowded the streets near Central Park to cry for help on their mobile phones.

Following the most recent earthquake, Reuters saw Turkish rescue personnel scouring the area on foot to check on the locals, most sheltering in makeshift tents following the shocks two weeks before.

A local named Muna Al Omar claimed to have been in a tent in a park in the center of Antakya when the earthquake struck.

She sobbed as she clutched her seven-year-old kid in her arms and stated, “I felt the ground was going to break up beneath my feet.

Will there be another aftershock? she questioned.

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More than a million people were left homeless, and even more people perished in the two major earthquakes that occurred on February 6 and shook the neighboring country of Syria.

Turkey’s death toll surpasses 41,000.

The most recent official death toll for both nations is 46,000.

The area had seen a few smaller earthquakes in the previous two weeks, but the quake on Monday was the worst since February 6. “It had a lot of power.

We were startled out of our positions, “Burhan Abdelrahman, who was leaving his tent at a camp in the middle of Antakya city when the earthquake hit, said.

I contacted the family in Syria, Adana, Mersin, and Izmir, to see how they were doing.

A predicted 50-centimeter increase in sea level due to the earthquake prompted Turkey’s disaster management organization, AFAD, to warn locals to avoid the Mediterranean shore.

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