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Frenchman’s Dog Shelter Faces Legal Action and Complaints



Frenchman's Dog Shelter Faces Legal Action and Complaints

A 50-year-old Frenchman who runs a stray dog shelter in northeastern Thailand is facing a closure notice for operating without permission. The shelter which houses 270 dogs was built without permission from the local government.

Local residents have complained relentlessly that the area smelled foul, and the barking and howling of the dogs in their cages was unbearable. Furthermore, wastewater from the dog shelter was being discharged into a nearby canal.

The local Municipality earlier this year had ordered the Frenchman to dismantle the dog shelter by June 10, however, a Provincial labour official Natdanai Nammala said the property was registered as an animal shelter.

The dog shelter is still standing.

Now a new complaint has been filed and accepted by the Damrongtham Centre for consideration.

In 2019, Thai shelter workers complained to the local police, claiming they had been ill-treated by the French owner who was barking mad. They also claimed that he forced them into dog cages and refused them food or drink if he was dissatisfied with their work.

Dog Shelter supported from abroad

Frenchman and his Thai wife denied the allegations by staff that he had put them in cages because he thought they were lazy.

During a 2019 interview with the Bangkok Post, he burst into tears and said that his 15 Thai employees had stopped working and that around 200 dogs are not being adequately cared for.

His wife said they were not rich. A British donor supported the purchase of land for the shelter, the construction of its facilities and the salaries of the staff. The allegations circulating on social media had already affected donations to their dog shelter.

She also denied claims that her husband gave a lethal injection to a dog, saying he only sedated his friend’s dog because he developed rabies-like symptoms.

Meanwhile, Buri Ram Provincial Livestock Development Bureau reportedly filed a complaint with local police against the Frenchman accusing him of giving unauthorized medical treatment to animals.



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