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5 Things That You Should Know Before Getting a Mobile App For Your Healthcare Brand



Healthcare Mobile App

Healthcare Mobile App: 2020 undoubtedly created history, not only in our lives but also in the market for health applications. Over 70% of patients believe it would be beneficial for their doctor to access their health data via a mobile app.

The valuable features in health applications like Reside Health make it easier for users to record their health data and get medical treatment. This lowers the need for face-to-face doctor appointments.

A health app’s features work together to make life simpler for patients and clinicians while also assisting with hospital administration. They enable patients to keep track of their test results, pay their bills, etc. The collected data allows doctors to chart their patients’ development.

Creating a medical company necessitates a thorough examination of concepts, trends, and development procedures.This article will outline 5 things to keep in mind while developing a mobile healthcare app.

Essentials of a Healthcare Mobile App

Simple Signup and Login

The first encounter your users will have with your app during signup and login. You must make an excellent first impression. A complex signup procedure may disenchant consumers and lead to lesser usage of your healthcare app.

Consider carefully what information you want from them. Include only extremely essential fields. Personal information such as your complete name, email address, or cell phone number, for example, may be required. The fewer data and procedures required, the easier it is for users. You can always collect more user information later.

UI/UX considerations

Patients and physicians routinely submit data into the healthcare app, so the UI/Ux should be user friendly.

Users need to fill out their medical data and appointments frequently; you, as a developer, must ensure that the app’s design is simple to use.

Similarly, doctors must document their visits and keep each patient’s history up to date.

Additionally, the app’s UI/UX should convey a sensitive outlook towards the patients, and so, the UI/UX design firms, including fonts, colors, and text, should be as simple as possible. Neurodivergent individuals find it challenging to read stylistic fonts. They shouldn’t face any such issues while engaging with the app.

Booking Appointments

A booking option is included in many healthcare applications. Booking doctor’s appointments or video consultations are essential features of a health app.

Patients should be able to view their doctor’s appointments easily. Doctors should access their calendars, review their upcoming appointments, and adjust their availability as needed.

Data Security

App developers nowadays avoid keeping app data on the device for security concerns.

If the clinical management system to which your app connects limits the number of concurrent API queries, you may be required to store the data on an app server.

To avoid any data breach, developers must encrypt the data stored on their servers.

The data transit between the device and the secure remote server is vulnerable to communication eavesdropping by government agencies and fraudulent companies and people.

Therefore, developers must maintain end-to-end encryption or transport data exclusively through secure communication methods.

Real-time Updates

In healthcare, real-time updates are critical. Data must be regularly updated as patients’ health changes to offer the most excellent treatment. This will also aid clinicians in treating their patients.


Following the latest trends while developing a mobile healthcare app is essential. However, this can be a tricky task if you’re not well acquainted with the technicalities. To avoid falling behind, you should hire one of the top mobile app development companies, TechAhead, to assist you.

TechAhead has delivered more than 2000 mobile apps and digital solutions with a passionate team of designers, developers, and analysts. Their portfolio boasts collaborations with global brands like Disney, AXA, American Express etc.

Click here to read about how they helped connect doctors to their patients through the health record management app ‘CloseLoops’.


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