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Company Faces Litigation Over Selling Lottery Tickets Online



lottery tickets online

It is expected that police will charge Bluedragon Lottery Co next month, over allegations that the company sold overpriced lottery tickets online.

The assistant national police chief, Pol Lt Gen Surachate Hakparn, said police will meet with officials from several state agencies on April 1 to review the evidence gathered during Friday’s raid on two locations against the company.

Among them are the Department of Special Investigation, the Anti-Money Laundering Office, and the Government Lottery Office (GLO), he noted.

Pol Lt Gen Surachate said that the police will bring criminal charges, while the GLO will accuse the defendants of violations of the GLO law.

Lottery offices raided for Selling Lottery Tickets Online

The police are also investigating lottery operators in Bangkok that operate online, said Pol Maj Gen Phananchai Chuenchaitham, deputy chief of the Provincial Police Region 1.

The police raided the headquarters of Bluedragon Lottery in Nonthaburi’s Pak Kret district on Friday and seized 2 million lottery tickets after allegations about overpriced tickets on Bluedragon’s website.

Seksakon Atthawong, assistant to the prime minister and chairman of a subcommittee on overpriced lottery tickets, coordinated the operation with the national police and other law enforcement agencies.

The police launched the operation after they received information that the company purchased more than 2 million tickets with quotas allocated to licensed vendors.

According to police, the tickets were then sold online in a way that distorts the kingdom’s lottery pricing mechanism and increases prices above the government-specified limit of 80 baht.

Bluedragon denies raising lottery ticket online prices

Pol Lt Gen Surachate said the police investigation is still ongoing, and if the firm’s guilt is confirmed, legal action will be brought against all involved.

Bluedragon Co. executive Pachara Messiyaporn, 29, appeared before the media yesterday to deny allegations that the company helped drive up lottery tickets online prices. According to him, the company is merely a middle man and is not entitled to fix the price of lottery tickets.

The online platform is only meant to help vendors resell their tickets, said Mr. Pachara. Our system charges ticket vendors 3–5 baht for scanning one lottery ticket online. It is the vendors who decide the price, not us.”

The GLO prints over 100 million lottery tickets annually [and sell them wholesale and retail]. However, only 2 million lottery tickets, or 2%, are sold on their platform. What happened to the rest? Our organization has no connection with overpriced tickets,” said Pachara.

According to him, no charges have yet been brought against the company, nor have the 2 million tickets been confiscated or frozen.

According to Minister of Digital, Economy and Society Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn, if the company is charged with selling overpriced tickets, his ministry is ready to shut down all online lottery ticket platforms.

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