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21 Indian Students Deported from the US in a Single Day

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21 Indian Students Deported from the US in a Single Day

(CTN News) – In a disheartening incident, twenty-one Indian students from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were deported from the United States in a single day, triggering anxieties over visa-related matters.

Despite completing the necessary visa formalities, these students encountered unexpected document checks and detainment at airports in Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco, as reported by various media outlets.

The students expressed their bewilderment, as they were under the impression that they had diligently met all the prerequisites for their visas and were ready to commence their studies at American colleges.

According to accounts from Deccan Herald, the students conveyed that they were inadequately informed about the reasons for their deportation, leading them to speculate that their visa documentation might have been the cause. Some even recounted having their mobile phones and WhatsApp conversations scrutinized.

Several students shared that they were asked to leave in a composed manner and were warned of severe legal consequences if they contested the decision. Among the universities that were intended destinations for these students, common mentions included institutions in the states of Missouri and South Dakota.

Simultaneously, reported that the distressed students found themselves confined in cramped spaces with minimal communication following their checks. Additionally, they reported being subjected to threats of incarceration.

As a result of this deportation, the affected students now face a five-year prohibition from entering the United States, as highlighted in a report by The Hindu. The repercussions of this situation extend beyond the immediate loss of time, resources, and future prospects.

The stringent regulations of the US immigration system, especially the five-year ban imposed on those deemed inadmissible upon deportation, have left these students grappling with uncertainty and anxiety.

US new visa rule may deport tens of thousands of Indian students

Adding to the complexity of the situation, the United States has introduced new visa rules for foreign students in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These rules have the potential to compel Indian and Chinese students to either return to their home countries or risk deportation.

Notably, around 202,000 Indian and 369,000 Chinese students constitute a significant proportion of international students studying in the US. The new regulations discourage students from continuing their education online, citing concerns over compromised educational quality and economic ramifications, as previously reported by Mint.

The pandemic has already prompted an estimated 40%-50% of Indian students to return to their home country. The introduction of these new visa rules further raises concerns among the remaining students, introducing confusion and uncertainty into their academic journey.

Sunit Singh Kocher, a seasoned study abroad consultant based in Delhi, emphasized that the situation could potentially lead to more students returning or encountering immigration issues due to the changed circumstances.


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