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Telecom Operators Unblock Over 7,000 SIMs After Tax Payments

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Telecom Operators Unblock Over 7,000 SIMs After Tax Payments

(CTN News) – Telecom companies have released over 7,000 SIM cards after consumers paid their taxes, according to sources at the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

According to sources, up to 7,167 SIMs have been unblocked, a positive outcome after the organization said that more than 11,000 SIMs had been prohibited due to nonpayment of taxes.

Efforts to Curb Non-Filers: 65,000 Data Shares with Telecom Companies

“So far, 65,000 non-filers’ data has been shared with telecommunication companies,” the sources claimed, adding that a list of over 500,000 people has been compiled.

The decision was made to convey a clear message to non-filers to complete their tax returns as the country faces an economic downturn and a high cost of living.

The FBR received 5.9 million income tax returns in the tax year 2022. However, this fell to 4.2 million from 2023 to March 2024, in keeping with the Active Taxpayer List (ATL). The News reports that approximately 1.8 million individuals did not file their forms.

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Section 114 (B) of the Income Tax Law 2023 empowers the FBR to enforce return filing.

It provides that the board has the authority to issue income tax general orders for individuals who are not on active taxpayer lists but are required to file returns under the provisions of the Ordinance.

As the FBR seeks to improve tax collection, the government, which will publish its next budget in a few days, is also considering possibilities for setting the tax revenue target at more than Rs 12.5 trillion.

What is the difference between a filer and a non-filer in Pakistan?

To distinguish between filers and non-filers in Pakistan, the FBR implemented a withholding tax for non-filers under the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, with a twofold withholding rate.

Who is a filer?

The Federal Revenue Service maintains a list of “active taxpayers” that includes filers. To be included on the list (abbreviated ATL), each taxpayer must submit his annual income tax return using the FBR’s online portal.

Who is a non-filer?

The Federal Revenue Service’s “Active Taxpayers” list excludes non-filers. To be included on the list (abbreviated ATL), each taxpayer must submit his annual income tax return using the FBR’s online portal.

Who is referred to as a tax filer in Pakistan?

As previously stated, filers appear on the IRS’s list of “active taxpayers.” To be included on this list, all taxpayers must file their annual income tax returns through the FBR’s online portal, IRIS. The FBR considers them filers because they file their tax returns on an annual basis.

Who is referred to as a non-filer in Pakistan?

Non-Filers are individuals who do not register with the FBR and hence do not have NTN numbers or NTN numbers but do not pay income tax or file annual income tax returns. The FBR refers to them as non-filers because they do not file their tax returns.



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