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Imran Khan’s Supporters Rally in Solidarity as Police Attempt to Arrest him

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Imran Khan's Supporters Rally in Solidarity as Police Attempt to Arrest him

(CTN News) – Imran Khan, the head of Pakistan’s major opposition party, claims the government is breaking the law by trying to detain him.

To the BBC, “they should all be subject to the law of the land,” he emphasized that everyone should be held to the same standards.

Police clash with supporters outside Imran Khan’s residence

Proponents of Imran Khan, a former prime minister, battled with police outside his home as they attempted to detain him by a court order.

He is accused of selling state gifts while in office. The case, he claims, has political overtones.

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Tuesday, the situation outside his compound in Lahore was tense as police tried to gain inside.

Officers who fired tear gas rounds dispersed stone- and brick-throwing Imran Khan supporters.

Imran Khan offers to sign a guarantee to appear in court

A video message from the 70-year-old lawmaker revealed that he is willing to guarantee his appearance before an Islamabad court this coming Saturday.

He also noted safety concerns because the court had been the target of two separate militant attacks.

After taking protected bail until Saturday, Imran Khan said police had “no basis” to arrest him on Tuesday. He claimed the government was still committed to locking him up despite earlier failures.

The next night will be spent in a cell, he remarked on Tuesday, and he was already mentally prepared for that possibility. She said, “I don’t know how many nights, but I’m prepared for that.”

The former prime minister claimed that tear gas canisters had been shot into his backyard.

He claimed the government was plotting to arrest him to prevent his party from running in the upcoming election. On the other hand, he continued, “If I am in jail or not, they will not be able to stop my party from winning.”

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Minister of the government Marriyum Aurangzeb claimed that the arrest had nothing to do with the upcoming election and that police were merely acting on a court order to apprehend him for corruption.

She said Imran Khan hid behind women and children who worked for his party to avoid imprisonment and fan the flames of discontent.

Additional demonstrations are being held in other cities by Imran Khan’s followers.

While he lost his position as prime minister in April, he has continued to pressure his replacement, Shehbaz Sharif, by staging demonstrations and giving speeches demanding that elections be held later this year.

When he was shot in the leg during a rally in November, he held Mr. Sharif responsible.

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