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Deadly Flooding Ravages South Korea, Claims 22 Lives As Torrential Rain Persists

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South Korea

(CTN NEWS) – Torrential rainfall continues to devastate central regions of South Korea, resulting in the tragic loss of at least 22 lives due to deadly flooding.

The downpours, now spanning three consecutive days, have triggered landslides and led to the overflow of a major dam in the central North Chungcheong province.

The heavy rain has submerged roads, swept away cars, and disrupted railway operations.

Prime Minister Calls for Military Assistance in Rescue Operations

Regrettably, another 14 individuals are currently missing, and thousands have been compelled to evacuate their homes, according to officials.

The North Gyeongsang province has witnessed a significant number of casualties, primarily caused by landslides in its mountainous terrain, which have resulted in the destruction of homes.

Emergency responders informed local media that entire houses were swept away in the most severely affected areas.

To aid in rescue efforts, Prime Minister Han Duck-soo has called upon the military for assistance.

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Flooding Crisis in South Korea Intensifies as 19 Cars Submerged, Thousands Evacuated

Concerns are mounting regarding the number of fatalities, as 19 cars have been submerged in an underground tunnel within the central Chungcheong province.

Numerous local governments have issued evacuation orders, affecting thousands of residents.

The Goesan Dam, situated in the area, began overflowing at approximately 06:30 local time on Saturday (21:30 GMT on Friday), leading to the evacuation of 6,400 residents.

Reports indicate that several low-lying villages near the dam, along with the connecting roads, have been submerged, leaving some residents trapped in their homes.

In response to the dire situation, Korail, the national rail operator, has suspended all slow trains and some bullet train services. Other bullet train operations are also expected to face disruptions.

Additionally, a train derailment occurred in North Chungcheong on Friday night, caused by a landslide that deposited earth and sand onto the tracks.

Fortunately, no passengers were aboard the train at the time, although one engineer sustained injuries.

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Scientists Stress Climate Change’s Role in Intensifying Extreme Rainfall

The Korea Meteorological Administration has forecasted further rainfall until the following Wednesday, cautioning that the weather conditions pose a “grave” danger.

This recent spate of extreme rain has resulted in flooding and landslides across several countries, including India, China, and Japan, within the past two weeks.

While flooding can stem from multiple factors, scientists emphasize that climate change-induced warming of the atmosphere increases the likelihood of such intense rainfall.

As the atmosphere becomes warmer, it can hold more moisture, exacerbating the risk of extreme precipitation events.


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