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Prime Minister Sends in Riot Police to Clear Anti-Government Protesters

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Thailand’s prime minister ordered riot police cleared thousands of anti-government protesters from outside the government house early on Thursday morning. The clearing comes after the prime minister initiated an emergency decree in Bangkok. Banned large gatherings and the publication of sensitive news in the face of escalating protests.

A series of anti-government protest over three months have brought tens of thousands of people onto the streets of Bangkok. Demand the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha.

They have also broken a longstanding taboo by calling for reforms to the powerful monarchy. An act cited by the government as one reason for its emergency measures they obstructed a royal motorcade.

Shortly after the emergency decree took affect at 4am, riot police advanced behind shields on protesters who had camped outside Government House.

Many of the thousands who had protested there late on Wednesday had already left. Some anti-government protesters tried to resist with makeshift barricades of garbage cans, but they were swiftly pushed back.

Prime Minister Orders State of Emergency

Thailand’s Prime Minister declared a state of emergency in Bangkok and banned gatherings of five or more people. He also banned the publication of news or online messages that could harm Thailand’s national security. Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is using the emergency decree to end anti-government street protests in Bangkok.

Protests have escalated for three months and anti-government protesters set up camp outside Government House. They are demanding the Prime Ministers resignation. Gen. Prayut’s government said it also acted after demonstrators obstructed a royal motorcade.

“It is extremely necessary to introduce an urgent measure to end this situation effectively and promptly to maintain peace and order,” the Bangkok Post reported.

t was accompanied by a document setting out measures that took effect from 4am. Banning big gatherings and allowing authorities to ban people from entering any area they designate.

It also prohibits: “publication of news, other media, and electronic information that contains messages that could create fear or intentionally distort information. Furthermore information that might create a misunderstanding that will affect national security or peace and order.”

Thousand’s of protesters marched in Bangkok on Wednesday calling for Gen. Prayut’s resignation.

The protest movement aims to remove Gen Prayut, who took power in a 2014 coup. His coupe was meant to end a decade of violence between supporters and opponents of the country’s establishment. Anti-government protesters also want a new constitution and have called for monarchy reforms.

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