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Top Tips For Masculine Décor



Top Tips For Masculine Décor

Think décor and invariably the first image that comes to mind is feminine or gender-neutral. Yet, interiors can bear a distinctly masculine look too. Think of it, a man’s room should have a masculine feel.

Be it a bachelor pad or just a separate room for the man (or the son) of the house, getting masculine décor right can be quite an exciting, yet challenging project.

So, what makes a décor look and feel masculine? First and foremost, it should have attributes typically associated with masculinity – strength, power, charm, solidity, dependability, lack of artifice, and boldness – to specify a few.

Next, it should also be distinctive without falling into the stereotypical macho man trap. Next, depending on the age and the personality of the occupant, it can also be playful or mature.

So, if you are designing interiors for a man, what are the things you should keep in mind?

From choosing the right decor style to picking the right fabrics for his custom curtains, we have some tips and tricks lined up for you.

Select a masculine style – Some décor styles are highly suited for a masculine look. For example industrial chic that’s inspired by old factories and relies heavily on weathered wood, exposed brick, and concrete.

Or contemporary that’s all sleek surfaces and crisp furnishings. Then there’s the hugely popular Scandinavian style that is minimalistic with clean lines, woody accents, muted-neutral palette, and pops of greenery.

There’s also the rustic-chic with its earthy color palette and grounded feel.

Another good option is the mid-century style defined by geometric shapes, polished surfaces, and vintage accents. Choose the one that the man in question likes the most.

Pick masculine furniture –When designing the home office, or picking out a sofa, chair or bed, look for furniture pieces that are solid, sturdy, angular, and unfussy (all male attributes).

Stay away from excessive curves and carvings as these give a feminine vibe. Also, skip frills and flounces completely. We especially recommend leather-covered plush furniture pieces as these look masculine. What about delicate furniture?

You can keep one small piece of dainty furniture – a corner table or a lone chair – as an accent piece. After all, men have a softer side too.

Choose a masculine color palette – Feminine color palettes tend to be vivacious and flirty. In contrast, masculine color palettes are mostly characterized by moody dark colors paired with warm, earthy neutrals.

There’s often strong color contrast in manly spaces – like black and white, navy blue and ash gray, or pale beige and olive green.

Monochrome palettes in a suitable color spectrum also work well for male spaces. To accentuate the dusky ambience, you can use blackout curtains in dark color tones that also add to the edgy look of the room.

Bright colors can act as pops and can be inserted through occasional accents like a red brocade cushion, a bright blue vase, a yellow jade figurine, or a red bed runner. Pastels like powder pink, baby blue, and pale peach are either best avoided, or used in minuscule quantities in men’s rooms.

Go for masculine prints and patterns – For soft furnishings such as drapes, rugs, upholstery, custom roman shades, bed linen, cushions, etc.

choose mostly geometric prints or weaves such as stripes, checks, chevrons, houndstooth, herringbone, hexagons, etc. Florals and animal prints should either be avoided or used only in accent pieces and that too in limited quantities.

Also, steer clear of soft, flowing fabrics like net, tulle, or chiffon. Instead, choose sturdier materials like thick cotton, raw silk, linen, wool, canvas, burlap, and leather.

Use masculine accessories – Lots of bric-a-brac is such a feminine thing. A manly space would typically have no space for clutter.

When accessorizing a man’s room, look for large-sized pieces with geometric contours.

A big-sized framed wall art, a round wall clock, a tall vase with blossoming dried foliage, and enameled stationary set on the writing desk are some such masculine accessories.

A delicate and bright accessory can also be included but just one or two pieces, no more.

Mix textures and materials – For handsome masculine interiors with a distinguished look, mix and match textures and materials such as glass, metal, wool, wood, leather, brick, and burlap.

Some of these can be brought in using chairs with metallic table legs, exposed brickwork on one wall, dark polished wood surfaces, and stone or concrete floors..

The key is to mix the patterns in the room to achieve a well balanced decor style, and never go over the top.

Remember, a real man is always in control of the situation. His space too should look cohesive and sophisticated.

Choose wall art with thought – Carrying on from the earlier point, let’s focus on wall art which matters much in room aesthetics.

For a man’s room, think of large tapestries, metallic or wooden installations, abstract art prints, painted landscapes, tasteful nude artworks, black and white retro photographs, and nature prints.

In a nutshell, create a space that gives a strong and reliable manly vibe with a hint of gentleness. Keep it real and you will have a winner in your hands.

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