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Top Things To Do In Phuket, Thailand This Summer Vacation

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Phuket in Thailand is one of the largest islands known for its lush blue waters, detectable Thai cuisine, snorkeling activities, and sandy beaches. Phuket is an excellent place for adventure and relaxation where you can see travelers flock during the whole year. You can get there by taking a flight from Bangkok.

Apart from adventure, natives or tourists like to indulge in gaming and gambling activities, primarily online. They can play Roulette on reputed sites like NetBet. And, yes, you can also visit the amazing temples and glittering beaches that are also the major attractions on this island. Let us now see what you can do in Phuket, Thailand.

Visit Old Phuket Town

You can take a guide or hop on solo or with friends and family to the Old Town in Phuket that offers some sumptuous snacks and good Thai food. You can get peanut sauce, Burmese cuisine, grilled meat, and Hokkien noodles. This beautiful town also has museums, old buildings, a night market, and boutique shops. The area can be explored on foot, and you will find the area has strong Portuguese and Chinese influence. The sweets in this Old Town are a must to have.

Big Buddha: A Place Worth Visiting

It is a religious place, so it is advisable to wear sensible clothes that are not revealing. As most people practice Buddhism, this unique statue is a place to see. It is a 148 ft. white marble statue of meditating Lord Buddha. The best part is the glorious panoramic views of this place. If you are a person who wants to experience spirituality mixed with breathtaking views, then it is a must-add.

Immerse in Beauty of Patong Beach

One of the longest and most impressive beaches in Phuket offers you many sports activities and relaxation. If you would like to enjoy the sunny beach afternoon, then it’s a place to visit. At Patong, you can also buy tickets to watch the famous Muay Thai fights at the boxing stadium. The fights are pretty exciting to see, and you can see locals cheering their favorite fighter.

Experience Snorkeling and Island Boat Tours

The water in the Phuket region is in excellent condition so that you can enjoy snorkeling and diving activities at this place. Marine life is a sight to watch out for where you can find tropical fishes, seahorses, corals, manta rays, sea turtles, and whale sharks. Tourists who want to discover the beautiful seascapes and stunning beaches can also hop onto the island. The visits can be made to places like Nakha Yai, Maphrao, and Nakha Noi. The guided tours are the best choose from, and you can watch out for their arrival and departure times. These guided tours include food and refreshments too.

Take a Tour at Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

The distillery provides you with an insight into the production of rum and the process involved in producing the city’s finest rum. There is also a cocktail bar where you can even learn how to make different cocktails using Chalong Bay Rum. You can go with your friends, and even couples can visit the place to enjoy the sample rum.

Get Indulge in Thai Massage

If you are tired from the long day of exploring Phuket, you can indulge in the relaxing and calming Thai spa massage. The Thai massage centers use the Indian Ayurvedic techniques to provide a traditional massage that offers a soothing experience for the mind, body, and soul. You can get a massage at the parlors or at luxury resorts too. It is essential to find renowned massage centers that provide excellent therapy.


Thailand is the best place to enjoy the relaxing spa to fun activities at the beach. You can carry out adventurous activities on this island. The spectacular night markets and Thai food are a must to try in Phuket.


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