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Offset Your Travel Plans This Ramadan

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Offset Your Travel Plans This Ramadan

With Ramadan 2023 just around the corner, millions of Muslims will be planning on travelling to visit friends and family to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the three day festival of Eid.

With the future of the planet at the forefront of people’s concerns at the moment, incorporating ways of making that travel more sustainable will make a massive impact on the impact these travel plans will have.

If every single Muslim were to endeavour to offset their carbon footprint during this time, and give due care to their impact on the world.

Here is our guide to helping you ensure your Ramadan 2023 travel plans are sustainable and planet friendly.

1. Keep your celebrations local

Many families are spread far and wide around the world, and trying to keep up with them all is a time consuming and expensive.

Ask yourself, is your trip really necessary? Could you extend your stay to make the time, expense and carbon value of your journey more worthwhile?

If you are looking to travel longer distances then staying with your distant family for a longer time helps to dilute the environmental impact your journey will have.

However, keeping your celebrations local will minimise that environmental impact.

One thing the pandemic has given us is the knowledge that we can communicate with long distance family very easily and cheaply through internet technology.

2. Offset your carbon emissions

If you do need to travel for the Eid celebrations, you can choose to offset your carbon footprint through an accredited carbon offsetting scheme.

Your journey will emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide, whether travelling via plane, train or car.

In order to neutralise the carbon dioxide that your individual journey has produced, you can elect to ‘offset’ it through a scheme that carries out tree planting projects.

There are many schemes available which can be found through the internet. Just make sure you do your due diligence and that the company you choose is genuine.

Otherwise, you can be proud that you are contributing to hundreds and millions of new trees being planted all over the world.

3. Use reusables

One of the biggest contributions to global pollution is plastic. How many plastic water bottles have you bought and thrown away (even in the recycling bin) over the last few months?

Probably quite a few. Multiply that several times if you include your family’s usage.

You will probably be facing quite a frightening pile of plastic if all those bottles were piled up over the course of a year.

Try instead to reuse items when travelling. Bring your own water bottles. Make your own food and carry it in reusable containers.

It’s incredible how these small but simple changes to your behaviour can add up into a significant impact in a reduction on the amount of waste you and your family generate.

4. Only use eco friendly hotels and tour companies

Finally, make sure that the hotels, tour companies and suppliers that you use have also set out their eco strategy and ensure that their actions back up their words (or in other words, they are not simply jumping on the eco band wagon but are actively pursuing a policy towards net zero).

Your holidays should be a time of joy and celebration with loved ones, and that joy and celebration needs to be extended to the planet we are all living on.

With a global population of about eight billion now, we all individually have to be responsible for the impact we have on the future health of the planet.

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