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Tips for Choosing Curtains for a Small Room

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Tips for Choosing Curtains for a Small Room

Choosing Curtains for a Small Room –  A small, compact space comes with its unique benefits but the ease of styling is definitely not one of them.

It’s like having many creative ideas but a tiny canvas to work with.

The silver lining here though is that if you choose your elements cleverly, you can maximize space and light, thereby creating an illusion of space.

For example, you can invest in clever storage to help you declutter. You can also choose your furniture carefully and make it as minimal as possible.

You can pick custom curtains that are uniquely fitting for a small room. In fact, your choice of curtains can make or mar the ambiance of your small room.

The truth is that curtains provide more than just light control and privacy. They add color, depth and vibrancy. They also soften the hard walls visually and absorb sound in your space.

So, how do you choose the right curtains to deliver all these benefits for a small room? Check out these five tips!

  • Choose Curtains in Light-weight Fabric Materials

Light control and privacy are important factors we consider when choosing curtains.

However, if these two are not a major concern for the given space – in kitchens or living rooms for example – then sheers and semi-sheers are a great choice for window treatments in a small room..

That is because sheer and lightweight fabrics allow air and light to pass through easily and discreetly blur the demarcation between the outside and the inside.

Heavy fabrics, such as raw silk and velvet, on the other hand, can stop the inflow of air and light, thereby creating the claustrophobia feel generally associated with a small space.

With lightweight fabrics, you can maximize the natural light inflow to create the illusion of an airier and bigger space.

If you are worried about privacy, you can opt for linen or cotton instead of sheers.

  • Appropriate Placement of Hardware

Beyond being functional, hardware can also contribute to the aesthetic feel of your space.

When installing your curtains, consider extending the track/pole a few inches on both sides of your window frame.

This will make it easy for your curtains to stack neatly and luxuriously when open.

With this, the whole window or floor will be free for passage and air. It will also give a sense of space more than what you actually have.

You may also want to consider mounting the pole about ten to twelve inches above your window frame or closer to the ceiling to draw the eyes upwards. This makes the room seem higher than it really is and gives a sense of more space.

  • Choose Plain Curtains in Ombre, Pastel, or Neutral

Using oversized or busy patterns for your small room curtains is not a good idea.

It will only leave your space looking cluttered and unnecessarily busy. Instead, consider going for plain materials and choose colors that match the walls.

With this, you can create a visual flow and a sense of continuity between your curtains and walls.

Let your drapes sink into your wall architecture seamlessly and elegantly to create a soft backdrop.

If you want to introduce a touch of color, choose fabrics in soft or light neutral.

You can also choose pastels as an alternative if you want a color pop without being too heavy on the eye or overly dramatic.

If you are more of a dramatic and colorful person, you can choose an ombre to reflect your personality.

However, opt for the softer colors so the gradational color flow will direct the eyes to take in the vertical or horizontal expanse of your space.

  • Choose Striped Curtains

One of the easiest tricks to stretch your space visually with fabrics is to use drapes or custom roman shades with stripes.

When you use vertical stripes drapes, they highlight the vertical dimension and pull the eyes upwards. With this, the low ceiling looks higher.

Also, when you choose drapes in horizontal stripes, it creates an illusion of broadness for a narrow space.

That is because the horizontal stripes draw the eye to the width of the drapes.

Using this simple technique can transform your small space into something chic and creates a feeling of more space.

  • Choose Full-Length Drapes

Do you have low ceilings and/or small windows? Then, choose full-length drapes instead of sill-length curtains as sill-length curtains will only highlight the smallness of your space.

So, consider choosing full-length curtains that flow luxuriously from ceiling to floor.

Like vertical stripes curtains, full-length curtains help to optically elongate your room. They also subtly guide the eye to take in the full vertical length of your room, thereby creating an illusion of space.

Final Thoughts

Let’s mention that curtains are not the only thing that can make a small space look roomy, chic and stylish. You have to think of how to make the most of the available space.

For instance, you have to think of storage, such as shelves to remove clutter, and also choose the right furniture.

Curtains form an integral part of any decor and are one of the primary ingredients in transforming any space for the better, it is something that can make or break the deal.

Thus, selecting custom window treatments is necessary in order to make sure that they fit in your exact requirements and elevate your space.

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