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Music Makes the World (and New Zealand) Go Round



Music Makes the World (and New Zealand) Go Round

Every month of May in the land of New Zealand, this beautiful country celebrates the entire month in dedication to its thriving music industry to honor its rich cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene. And it’s called Music Month.


Music Month is a joyous occasion that pays homage to the country’s diverse musical talents and serves as a platform to discover new sounds. And the best companion during this festive period is the Mearth Electric Scooter because it will take you to all the places you need to be in, without unnecessary delay.

Because throughout Music Month, various events and activities take place across the country, allowing music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the captivating sounds of New Zealand. Concerts, gigs, and music festivals are organized, featuring both established and emerging artists from diverse genres such as rock, pop, folk, hip-hop, and traditional Māori music. Skip the traffic, take your convenient electric scooter with you.


The origins of Music Month can be traced back to 2001 when the New Zealand Music Commission, in collaboration with the radio industry, designated May as the month to showcase the country’s vast musical landscape. The initiative aimed to promote local artists, increase radio airplay for homegrown talent, foster a sense of national pride in New Zealand’s music culture and showcase the incredible talent that the country has to offer. At the same time, it provides a platform for artists to connect with their fans on a deeper level as music has the magic to bring people together.


But do you know what else brings people together? An efficient electric scooter!

Yes, while indulging in the vibrant atmosphere of Music Month, it is essential to navigate through the festivities with convenience and eco-friendliness in mind. The Mearth Electric Scooter in New Zealand is proud to present its entry-level Mearth S electric scooter, equipped with exceptional specifications, presenting an ideal companion to enhance your Music Month experience no matter the age, even recommended for 14 and above.

  1. Distance and Speed: The Mearth S electric scooter boasts a range of 15-25 km and a maximum speed of 25-32 km/h, allowing you to effortlessly travel between music venues, festivals, and events. Its versatility ensures you won’t miss out on any part of the celebration, while the swift speed lets you navigate crowded streets efficiently.
  2. Weight Capacity: With a weight capacity of 100 kg, the Mearth S electric scooter accommodates riders of varying sizes, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey for all. Whether you’re carrying a backpack full of essentials or attending Music Month events, this e-scooter can handle the load.
  3. Long Battery Life: A key advantage of the Mearth S electric scooter is its impressive 25 km range. This feature guarantees that you can enjoy an extended period of music-filled adventures without worrying about recharging. Say goodbye to range anxiety and embrace the freedom to explore the Music Month festivities.
  4. Hill Climbing Ability: The Mearth S electric scooter’s 15° hill climbing capability enables you to effortlessly conquer hilly terrains while traveling to your favorite music venues. No matter the landscape, this e-scooter ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride, saving you from the strain of uphill journeys.
  5. Efficient and Reliable: The Mearth S electric scooter’s 350W motor, with a 750W burst output, offers enhanced efficiency without compromising on power consumption. Its new brushless motor design guarantees optimal performance, allowing you to navigate through the Music Month activities seamlessly.
  6. Enhanced Visibility: Recognizing the need for safety, the Mearth S electric scooter features a 2023 upgrade, the new red hot wheels that aid easy distinction and recognition. This unique design element ensures that you remain visible to pedestrians and fellow riders, prioritizing safety during your Music Month adventures and promoting a safer environment for everyone involved.

As Music Month unfolds across New Zealand, immersing the Kiwi’s in the rhythm and melody of the festivities is an experience not to be missed. Exploring the country’s diverse musical landscape, attending concerts, and discovering new talents is a true delight especially with the Mearth S e-scooter by your side.

The Mearth S electric scooter definitely proves to be an ideal companion to enhance your Music Month experience with its impressive specifications and features. It offers convenience, efficiency, and reliability as you navigate through the vibrant celebrations.

And with safety as a top priority for Mearth during Music Month, this leading electric scooter brand ensures enhanced industry standard brakes and a bright headlight. But always remember to wear your approved helmet and safety gear!

With its impressive specifications, including a generous range, swift speed, and efficient motor, it offers a convenient and reliable mode of transportation.

So go over and above and embrace the joy of Music Month while effortlessly navigating through the vibrant music culture of New Zealand. Let the rhythm guide your journey as you embark on memorable experiences during this special once-a-month annual celebration.

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