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4 Awesome Reasons to Take a Trip to Australia



4 Awesome Reasons to Take a Trip to Australia

In May 2022 alone, there were 231,480 short-term visitor trips to Australia. Granted, that’s two-thirds lower than in May 2019. However, it was a staggering 195,290 higher than May 2021.

That’s excellent news, as Oz’s tourism sector contributes $152 billion to its economy. So if you take a trip to Australia, you can support some of its 300,000 businesses employing over 660,000 Aussies.

But why Australia? What does it have to offer that makes it worth visiting?

We’ve listed the top reasons below, so read on.

1. Hundreds of National Parks to Visit

Australia is home to not 100, not even 200, but more than 680 national parks. Some are rainforests, others are botanical gardens, and many are marine parks.

They’re home to some of the country’s most incredible natural sites.

If you love the outdoors, then rest assured there are many things to do in Australia that are right up your alley.

From picnics to cycling to camping, these are just some of what you can enjoy in the country’s national parks.

2. Thousands of Beaches

Taking a vacation to Australia means having the chance to surf or swim in the waters of over 11,000 beaches.

What’s more, the best beaches for 2022 aren’t just in one area; there’s at least one in every state. For instance, there’s Misery Beach in WA, Horseshoe Bay in NSW, and The Spit in QLD, to name a few.

So, wherever you go in Australia, you’re sure to find the perfect beach.

3. Amazing Cities to Explore

Although Sydney is one of Australia’s eight capital cities, it’s not the capital of Oz; Canberra is.

However, Sydney is the largest, which may help explain why some mistake it as the capital city. The six other capitals are Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, and Darwin.

In total, Australia is home to 600 cities.

That said, Oz isn’t only about the outback and the beaches; it also offers city living. Its vibrant culture and lively nightlife are other reasons millions of tourists visit.

So even if you only have a few hours of layover in one of the cities, there are tons of things you can do and sites to visit.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about your stuff, as luggage storage services are everywhere. So, stow your bags in these safe and secure facilities to enjoy sightseeing hands-free.

4. Enjoy Australian Summer in the Winter

Australia’s climate varies throughout its eight states, but all have four seasons. Moreover, its location makes its seasons’ timing opposite to those in the north.

For instance, summer in Australia is from December to February. That’s the opposite in the Northern hemisphere, where these are the winter months.

So if you want to escape, for instance, North Dakota’s cold winter, you can go on a trip to northern Australia. It’s closest to the equator, so the area has summer vibes almost year round.

Likewise, you might want to visit Australia if you want to say goodbye to Texas’ scorching summer days. Southern Oz can be pretty chilly in winter, which, interestingly, is from June to August.

Plan Your Trip to Australia Today

And there you have it, the top reasons you’d want to take a trip to Australia ASAP. Now you know it has hundreds of stunning national parks and cities and thousands of beaches.

You also learned about its weather, which is enough of an excuse to escape yours.

So, why not start planning your vacation today? Remember: The sooner you do, the more likely you can snag early-bird travel deals.

Are you looking for more travel guides like this? Then feel free to browse our other articles on these topics!

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