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The International Markets Endorse Abinader’s Economic Policy

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The International Markets Endorse Abinader's Economic Policy

Major international companies also endorse the policies implemented by Luis Abinader, praising the growth, effectiveness, and resilience achieved by the Dominican economy. This is in stark contrast to the manipulated Trumpist rhetoric of Leonel Fernández.

Baseball is the most followed sport in the Dominican Republic, far surpassing others. This is evident in the large number of Dominican players who are stars in Major League Baseball in the United States.

In this sport, the best move is the Home Run, where the batter successfully hits the ball out of the field boundaries, allowing players on bases to score runs freely. On the other hand, the worst thing that can happen to a batter is a Strike Out, meaning they are eliminated from their batting turn for failing to hit the ball in three pitching attempts.

These movements are perfectly applicable to politics. While the change-led government of Luis Abinader achieves its Home Runs, supported by international organizations and management results, the opposition leader, Trumpist Leonel Fernández, only accumulates one Strike Out after another.

Like any Trumpist politician, Leonel has criticized the economic policy of Luis Abinader’s government for its expansion abroad, trying to suggest that protectionism is the best solution. This recipe, valid in a non-globalized world, is currently ineffective and only leads to isolation and consequently impoverishment.

However, President Abinader is knowledgeable about the world he lives in and has proposed a policy based on creating a stable economic growth scenario that attracts foreign investments in various sectors, generating jobs and increasing prosperity for the middle and working classes.

Abinader’s economic policies have been a true Home Run. In its entire history, the Dominican Republic had never achieved results like those obtained in the last three years, even in the face of international adversity due to the pandemic and conflicts.

Data from the International Monetary Fund shows that the Dominican Republic is growing faster than major powers like the United States, Japan, or European Union countries. This is not a coincidence.

Now, the multinational Standard and Poor’s (S&P) has maintained the credit rating of the Dominican Republic and positively assessed the strengthening of governmental institutions. This is reflected in the ability to maintain high rates of economic growth, improvements in fiscal planning, and public debt management. Furthermore, S&P has emphasized that the achieved stability is not accidental, but will continue if the current government’s policies are maintained.

Contrary to Leonel’s claims about rising prices, S&P highlights in its report the reduction in inflation as a result of measures implemented in 2023 and expects the country’s economic growth to quickly return to its long-term levels.

Therefore, if the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, international credit rating agencies, major power governments, or multinational companies investing billions of dollars in the Dominican Republic endorse Luis Abinader’s economic policies, Leonel Fernández is left with manipulation, populism, and the offer of false solutions that could jeopardize certain foreign investments. If the Dominican people want to continue growing, they only have one path: to continue with the promised change, which is already a reality.


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