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4 Things to Ask a Lawyer About Premises Liability



Premises liability

There are always certain things you need to know when you’ve been involved in an accident on somebody else’s premises. Below, you’ll find some important information you need to know explained in simple terms. If you have any further questions, you should ask your premises liability lawyer.

Ask a Lawyer: 4 Things to Know About Premises Liability

1. What It Is

Premises liability is the law that relates to who’s liable if you become injured on somebody else’s property. It’s part of personal injury law. If you become injured on someone else’s property, be it commercial or residential, then the law may find them liable for your accident.

If the person who owns, rents, or lives in the property hasn’t maintained a “reasonably safe” environment, then they can be held liable for an accident and the subsequent injury you obtained while on the property.

2. What It Isn’t

Not all injuries obtained on another person’s property are the fault of the person in charge of the property. For example, if you do something dangerous that could lead to injury, then you’re the liable one if injury occurs. One example would be if you were riding around on a friend’s property on a quad bike and got into an accident due to recklessness.

Sometimes there can be a grey area in who’s liable, though. In the quad bike example above, if you got into an accident due to a pothole on your friend’s property, then you’ll definitely need to consult Houston premises liability lawyers and ask who may be liable for the accident.


3. What Types of Incidents Count

Now you know what it is and isn’t, you should know what types of incidents are usually covered under premises liability law. The most common type of premises liability accident is a slip and fall accident, which usually takes place in retail establishments.

The types of cases that can be covered by premises liability law are endless. But to give you an idea of what counts as a premises liability case, here are a few examples:

  • Tripping over unsecured wiring
  • Leaning against an unkempt railing on a balcony and having it break
  • Tripping into a pothole
  • Having a large, unsecured piece of furniture fall on you
  • Becoming ill after staying in a property infested with asbestos


4. What To Do if You’re in an Accident on Someone Else’s Property

If you’re injured after being in an accident on someone else’s property, then you need to contact a lawyer ASAP. Many cases, like the ones mentioned above, can very clearly be handled by a premises liability attorney. Other cases may require more thought or research on the lawyer’s part before they know whether or not they can take your case.

If a premises liability attorney finds your case unsuitable for their area of expertise, then they can pass your details on to a more appropriate lawyer at their firm. Your case may more easily be handled by a more general personal injury lawyer or another colleague, depending on what caused your injury.


How a Premises Liability Lawyer Can Help You

1. They Can Prove Liability

If a premises liability attorney takes your case, then they can help prove the liable party is at fault. They can investigate the scene of the accident and examine the law to prove the liable party was negligent in maintaining their property, therefore creating an unsafe environment for all who visit. Proving the owner/renter/ of the property is liable for your accident is the first step to getting you compensation for your injuries.

2. They Can Prove You Were Injured

It might seem obvious to you that you’re injured, but the liable party’s insurance company won’t always buy it. Your attorney can put you in contact with an unbiased third-party medical practitioner so you can have a medical assessment and prove your injuries were caused by your recent accident.

3. They Can Help Without Charging

One concern you may have about hiring a premises liability attorney is the fee. Most attorneys who work under the umbrella of personal injury law charge a contingent fee, premises liability attorneys included. This means you don’t pay until you win your case, and your payment is taken out of your settlement.

In many cases, the person liable for your injury must pay your legal fees on top of paying out a settlement based on your injuries, emotional suffering, lost income, and more.

4. They Can Win You Compensation

Personal injury cases often settle high. You may even win six figures to compensate you for all you’ve been through depending on the severity of your injuries and how badly your future is impacted. Your attorney can help you come up with a reasonable sum to claim after your injury.

If you’ve been injured on somebody else’s property, then you can work with a premises liability attorney to win a settlement that can help ease the pain of your injuries. Always get legal aid if someone else may be responsible for causing your accident and subsequent injury or illness.


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