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Warehouse Jobs, The Future Of The Manufacturing Industry: Jobs To Hunt This 2022



Warehouse Jobs, The Future Of The Manufacturing Industry: Jobs To Hunt This 2022

The future of the manufacturing industry is said to be warehouse jobs. Several companies in Singapore are offering thousands of positions with competitive compensation.

The pandemic has revealed that manufacturing, especially warehouse positions are indeed essential for survival. But the concern of companies is not so many are applying for jobs in this sector.

People are not ready to take the risks that accompany working in warehouses and find that this sector is demanding. In some countries like America, they are experiencing a labor shortage.

You would expect that since there is a labor shortage, it attracts many jobseekers to apply for a warehouse jobs. Unfortunately, not so many are applying for such positions.

Working in a warehouse position is full of potential. This industry is growing and expanding and is always in need of employees. This time when online shopping has become a trend, more and more warehouses are hiring employees due to the bulk of orders.

We know that processing and product delivery is a basic need for the world to turn. Why consider working in this sector?

Benefits of Working in Warehouse Position

First, you do not need to be an expert. If you are looking for a job with minimal to no work experience, then working in a warehouse might be the best option for you.

There are no required skills since the employee or applicant will undergo training. Employers or warehouses are more concerned with the soft skills of their employees. Soft skills include the ability to grasp what they learn from training, work with minimal supervision, and commit to their job.

Second, you get to work flexible hours. Operations in warehouses go beyond the normal business hours due to the bulk of work, so their employees go on shifts.

With the multiple shifts, you get to choose which shift you want to work on and there is no steady daily schedule. During times of high demand, like holidays, employees also need to work overtime.

Third, you can work independently. Warehouse work is a team-based effort but there are particular duties assigned to individuals that require them to work independently.

The work could be scanning, inventory, stocking, processing orders, etc. With this, they are free to do things most efficiently.

Fourth, because of the demand for work and continuous workflow, time flies quickly. You will never notice that the day has gone.

Fifth, it keeps your body moving. Working in the loading, stocking, and packaging areas, being constantly mobile, and carrying stuff serve as your daily dose of workout.

Sixth, entry-level warehouse positions open the door for higher positions the longer you have worked in the company and the more familiar you are with the operations. Companies are more likely to promote those already in the company.

Warehouse Jobs to Apply 

The leading job portal in Singapore, WorkClass, offers thousands of part-time and full-time Warehouse Jobs in Singapore. Examples of warehouse jobs you can try to explore are:

· Quality Checker (hourly rate: up to 18 USD): There will training for those who will apply as Quality Checkers. Their main duties are to test electronics and hardware and inspect the integrity of products before packing and loading.

· Packer (hourly rate: up to 20 USD): You do not need work experience to apply for this job. Primary duties include packing, classifying, scanning, and putting labels on supplies.

· Electronics Operator (hourly rate: up to 13 USD): You can choose a fixed shift, either afternoon shift (3:00-11:00 PM) or Graveyard Shift (11:00 PM-7:00 AM). The job description is to assemble, test, quality control, or disassemble electronic equipment.

· Parcel Sorter (hourly rate: up to 15 USD): Primary duties include picking up parcels and labeling them, separating and assorting them, and loading them onto the delivery truck.

More warehouse positions are up for grabs in Singapore. Take time to search WorkClass today and find the job that is right down your alley.

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