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How Car Damage is Handled After an Atlanta Car Accident

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Car Accident

If you were in a car accident that damaged your vehicle, thinking about how to get your car repaired or replaced can only add to your stress. However, there are a lot of steps to manage such as giving your insurance provider a call, getting the car damage assessed, and obtaining bids for the repairs.

Should your car be totaled, you must wait to buy a replacement until you get reimbursements from your insurer. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can explain your options in terms of compensation that can cover the cost of your injuries and car damage. If your car sustained damage in a crash caused by another driver’s negligence, you may get compensation from the insurance company of this driver for car damage. Your attorney can assist you in resolving vehicle property damage claims.

Getting Your Car Repaired

In Atlanta, there are different sources of compensation that may be available to you after you have been dealing with car damage. To make the right decisions regarding car repairs, you must protect your right to compensation.

Car damage following a crash can range from tiny scratches to total loss. If your insurance policy has collision coverage, your insurer may recommend a car body shop to repair your car, but you can take your vehicle to your preferred mechanic and get a quote.

Before you authorize repair work, ensure the insurance provider approves the quote the shop gave you and agrees to pay it. State law states that when a repair shop has done repair jobs on your car that are not paid for, it has a lien on your car. The shop can enforce the lien by keeping it and not giving it to you until the work they have done is fully paid.

Determining Your Car’s Value

Insurance providers have a lot of ways to determine the value of a car that usually work to their advantage. Thus, you must collect information on your car’s potential market value following a collision. Consider looking at Kelley Blue Book and car sales listings. Your car may sell for more in Atlanta than it does in other states. By having this knowledge, you know how much reimbursement you may get from the insurance company. If the company’s offer differs greatly from what you have found out, consider hiring an appraiser to assess the worth of your car. Also, the insurer must give you the information they base their assessment on.


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